Yoga practice is the most crucial science that every man needs to know. A human being becomes a Yogi when he manages the coordination between mind, body and controls the senses. Patanjali an Indian sage, compiled all the aspects of Yoga and introduced to the mankind. Yoga lovers control their routines, pursue the passion of life and indulge their life in the well-being of mankind. Today, most of the people are in search of wealth, revolve around it, and forget to live with peace of mind and die in misery. People are lying in the desires of the sea and living far from the actual happiness.

By practicing you can live a long time and keep your mind under control. Yogis said that 84 lakhs of Yoga asanas(postures) have been created which resembles the 84 lakhs of living organisms. For e.g. Sparrow, Peacock, Swan, Eagle, Camel etc., Most of the yoga asanas are lost or forgotten as the time passed. Only a few hundreds of asanas are available to us as of now.

Classification of Yoga Asanas(Postures)

There are so many types of postures.  The postures are classified by the way it is performed.

  • Asanas performed by sitting: e.g. Utkatasana(chairpose),  Padangutaasana(Big Toe Pose)
  • Asanas performed by standing: e.g. Vrukshasa(Treepose), Garudasan(Eagle Pose)
  • Asanas performed by Head as a support: e.g. Seershasan(Head stand), Sirsa padasan(Head stand with scorpion legs)
  • Asanas performed by Hand as a main support: e.g. Mayurasan(Peacock pose)
  • Asanas performed by stretching legs: e.g. Bhumasana
  • Asanas performed by knee support: e.g. Vyaghrasana(Tiger pose)
  • Asanas performed by tilting body to left or right: e.g. Katika chakrasan(Waist rotating pose)
  • Asanas performed by moving  legs near head or neck: e.g. Kapila asana
  • Asanas performed by bending forward: e.g. Pada hastasana
  • Asanas performed by bending backward: e.g. Phanindrasana
  • Asanas performed by laying down flat on floor: e.g. Bhujangasana, Navasana

Each posture is divided into three parts.

  1. Construction of Asana
  2. Final State
  3. Retreat

Benefits of performing Yoga regularly

  • Peace of  mind
  • Energizes  nervous system, strengthens bones, strengthens muscles,
  • Regulates digestion and breathing
  • Improves Immunity and blood circulation in body
  • Enhances the energy flow in the body
  • Removes mental stresses and makes you feel calm
  • Emphasizes imagination
  • Improves self-confidence & creativity

I do practice Yoga every day. I have done lot of research on Yoga and read many books on it. I am going to share my knowledge with you guys by writing a series of articles on Yoga asanas which can help to live a healthy life. This is just an introduction to Yoga. Kindly have patience for my next series.

Disclaimer: Yoga is not an physical excercise.  It is a way of living life.  If you have any serious alignments please consult your doctor. Always remember that prevention is better than cure.

Image credit to Pixabay

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  1. Infosion

    Great series! Always wanted to look more into that. Think Yoga is really good for everyone from what I heard about it so far.
    Thanks for sharing this, looking forward to your next articles of this series 🙂