Now it is Time to PowerUp or invest in Steem

No financial or investment advise, you all know the clause – but with current bear crypto markets I think it could be a good time to buy Steem and / or PowerUp again. Sure you never know what will happen but I am confident the Steem price will not go down a lot. Maybe wishful thinking – I have now powered-up bit over 4,000 SP again after they were sitting in my wallet as liquid Steem.

I was simply “parking” them there for urgent private emergency usage. Seems I do not need them immediately so I strengthened my SP again. Makes more sense as investment as well to support the community by votes.

I also realized I have now over 6,000 followers on the platform called Steemit – which is maybe just a number but also means people that sometimes read my content, some even appreciate or like it.  Just for the newbies – 95% of the Steem and Steem Power in my Wallet has been generated via Steemit Activity which is kind of cool – I did not invest external coins / fiat so I have nothing to loose (apart from the time, brain and heart I invested here) but even I lose the crypto I have won a lot friends and knowledge paired with wisdom around blockchain and humanity a lot.

Why Steem? I trust the ecosystem around Steem – I trust the PEOPLE

I am not a crypto king or tech / dev guy but I have a little bit of instinct what models could work at least having worked in sales, marketing and comms since more than 20 years. I do BELIEVE Steem and its ecosystem are a game changer in the industry – no matter there is EOS with Trybe here or other projects people jump on! Not only financially or because of blockchain! No it is at least 65% because of the community, the people drive this as any other business. If you do not have trust in a company as staff or client this company will fail! Therefore I am confident this one here will become / remain a success story!

Advise for Newbies on Trybe and Steemit

Actually I do not have advise as I am no legally accepted financial advisor. To be successful on any community depends on various factors. The network you build, the relations you establish, the content you provide. Heart and Brain need to create a Joint-Venture! If you have no Passion for this and are in for the fast money you better leave!


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  1. Movingman Dan

    There are many flaws on Steemit, but like anything with a great community and much more importantly, communication, it will stay forever. It taught me many things as a non-tech user, and before that I was just praying that Crypto in general would take off to keep ones choice of freedom. Then I found an huge online community that stemmed all from Steemit, or @dan should I say, even thanks to him that Trybe has begun on eos! His a genius and what he created will all be very successful in the future!

    I’m with the same opinion with you on Steem, its so easy to interact with and is very secure, and still many months until SMTs are up and running!

  2. Adil Elias

    I think you’re right, this is still the beginning in steemit (even if it’s been over 2,5 years) but the future looks much more promising than now and given the actual right price, it is for sure a great time to pick up some cheap steem.

    1. Multigeek Post author

      Yes man – a lot coming with SMTs and Hivemind on a chain that is working. Fingers crossed we always invest in the right moment. Great to see you here – what do you think bout Trybe @the-alien ? – Not really used to it but seems all users are from Steemit or am I wrong? Or avid EOS fans and Steemit fans?

      1. Adil Elias

        Certainly many Steem fans are Eos fans, I have no doubt about it. But in the large scheme of things, both blockchains will attract many more people from all walks of life anyways, at least it should be the goal 🙂

        What I think of Trybe? I really love the energy, the positivity, the human side and the quality, you can’t help but wish the founders and the platform the best of success.

        1. Multigeek Post author

          Good reply – I think key behaviour should be to support the entire blockchain movement no matter if DApps are based on Steem, EOS, ETH or whatever. No silos but more thinking as one team to bring blockchain to the masses.

  3. Dexpartacus

    I love Steemit, I think that will continue to be for the crypto-social network what is bitcoin for altcoins.
    A lot of spam sadly, I hope the situation will better in near future!
    Nice article, I enjoy it, well done!

    1. Multigeek Post author

      Thanks a lot @dexpartacus – it is my blockchain home indeed. I think spam was worse last year to be honest but you never can get rid of all no matter what systems you have in place. As soon as money is involved there always will be spammers and scammer. With the right community working together this can be addressed and minimised.

    1. Multigeek Post author

      Agreed, spam is an issue and scammer influx. The Task of the community to solve and unite against dangerous criminals and abusers like everywhere. Quality is not the issue, but the Visibility of Good content though