The German-based IOTA Foundation announced that it will integrate the IOTA tokens with the creditor’s Crypto Wallet hardware. The IOTA support of The Ledger Nano S is likely to have an effect on the Krypto money adaptation.

The IOTA Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports the development and standardization of distributed notebook technology (DLT). IOTA is focused on building ecosystems around it to facilitate commercial acceptance.

By November 2017, the foundation reported that it had a token worth $ 255 million. As the ecosystem fund, it was reported that the amount of IOTA, which is not available for sale, was worth $ 20 million.

Ledger Nano S iota support comes after the wallets of Trinity and Romeo

After integrating with the IOTA Trinity and Romeo wallet, The Ledger Nano S hardware wallet will allow users to protect their keys and access the IOTA tokens on a special chip by isolating the keys from their computers or smartphones.

This will enable users to verify the transactions in their notebook hardware wallet as part of the security protocol. Ledger’s wallet has been reported to have a similar chip used for credit cards or passports. As reported earlier, Japanese ICT Holdings Fujitsu announced the launch of an iota-based concept evidence (PoC) for audit trail processes in the manufacturing industry.

The company is expected to use the IOTA protocol as a “transparent data storage medium” throughout the “industrial production environments and supply chains” and improve transparency, data trust and data security.

In June, IOTA and Volkswagen introduced a POC using the Tangle system for Iota’s autonomous cars. POC allows Volkswagen to transfer Tangle architecture from IOTA to software updates wirelessly as part of the vehicle manufacturer’s new “connected car” systems.

IOTA Tangle is known as another DLT type designed specifically for the internet (IoT) environment of objects. It is also an open source protocol that facilitates machine-to-machine interactions, including secure data transfer, real-time micro payments and other data.

During the summer, iota Tokeni was trading at the level of $ 0.47 with a market value of about 1.3 billion dollars, according to data from Coinmarketcap.

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