After an unsuccessful attempt by buyers to break through $ 0.405, sellers are trying to take the initiative. Buyers could not keep the price range of 0.383-0.388 $, which was won by large volumes, and now this price zone under the control of sellers. 

Buyers stopped falling at a price of $ 0.37. The buyers tried to break this price by 4 days (from December 28).

At the moment, to maintain growth without deep correction, buyers need to keep $ 0.35. From this price can continue to grow to $ 0.5. otherwise the fall may extend to $ 0.315.

I do not like the growth that began on December 28th. After a bitter correction, buyers were supposed to show aggressive growth with large candles, and in return we received the growth that currently consists of three waves and each subsequent attempt to grow at smaller volumes.

The marginal positions of the buyers considerably decreased after the price zone of 0.383-0.388 dollars was broken.

Sellers have not yet decided in their decisions.

We are waiting for the BTC action. However, such a variant is possible that with the growth of the BTC this coin will react badly, and the fall is aggressive.

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