The Qubic protocol, one of the most anticipated developments in the IOTA community, is still an ongoing study. Qubic is a protocol that specifies iota’s solution for Oracle machine, smart contracts, outsourcing calculations and more. On Saturday, iota shared the latest update on the status of the Qubic protocol in a blog post.

New developments that facilitate use for the Qubic protocol

Eric hop, a senior software developer of the community, said there are some minor changes that make it easier to use Abra language on the blog. Also abralib was cleaned and some first best practices/models were created. The blog article states that the translator has been expanded to look at the status variables correctly. It is also emphasized that a first Quubic Dispatcher was created to send event data between external data sources and internal Quubic entities represented by Abra functions.

The Qubic community also plans to develop an add-on system that can be integrated into any resource type as needed. Another important addition is the first version of the Verilog code generator, which will be used to generate code for FPGAs. There is still a lot of work to do for the development of the code generator. Community, expects to make rapid progress when they start to test FPGAs.

IOTA blockchain collaborates with security leader ledger

The blog article also pointed out that Abralib is being expanded further. It is stated that a missing integer division function is added along with the fixed point and floating point arithmetic functions. Floating point functions, in particular, emphasize Abra’s versatility. The community plays an active role in developing changes in the Qubic protocol. Earlier this month, the community released a video on the Discord #qubic channel to help developers compile the LLVM JIT.

The Qubic community has also expanded its series about the Qubic computing model, which has been developing for some time. The community aims to publish these documents together with a stable version of the Abra interpreter. Apart from these developments, iota cooperated with krypto currency and Blockchain security leader Ledger. IOTA is also working to combine its tokens with Ledger’s secure hardware wallet.

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