Space transport, one of the strategic tasks that he set himself for the development of SkyWay Capital .. Is it possible that space transport will be universal

The network of stringed roads is already being implemented through EcoTechnoPark in Belarus and projects in the United Arab Emirates. Now the time has come to focus on the development and construction of the All-Planetary Transport Center (WWTP). The need to build and develop an All-Round Transport Center is even said in Nasa. They admit that there must be another way to explore space than a rocket system that allows us to leave the Earth so far. SpaceX’s two launches per month, emits 4400 tons of CO2 to the atmosphere per year, and the cargo carried to Earth orbit accounts for only 4.5% of Falcon’s total weight. If in this way we want to move heavy industry into space, then probably before this happens, rockets emitting so much CO2 to the atmosphere poison us. After that, each launch of the rocket causes violation of the ozone layer of our blue planet. Skyway has the mission to focus all strengths and companies to develop one global project, that is, All-planetary Transport (WWTP).

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Uniwinda ( U4-651 ) a new vehicle for Skyway string technology.

Uniwinda (U4-651) is an automatic passenger vehicle based on Skyway’s stringed technology. It is a light suspended vehicle, moving on a single rail-string surface. It is intended for transporting two people or a load acceptable by the standard of carrying capacity in urban and suburban areas. Uniwinda is characterized by: high reliability, versatility, a wide range of appearance, efficiency, simplicity and low cost of the track surface.

More information is available at the link.

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    1. Zawodowiec Post author

      also do not think it will happen, although I have such quiet hopes. But taking note that this project would have to be accepted by all countries in the world. I think that would be the biggest problem here.