73 years ago, the United States took the Uranium-235 nuclear bomb to the city of Hiroshima on August 6th at 8.15. Time to drop bomb selected the most crowded time on the streets. Three days later, on August 9th , the US threw a second bomb to Nagasaki, the Plutonium-239 type “Fat Man”. In both cities, the number of deaths at that moment and later, by the bomb was about 300,000.

The intention of these two bombs, which the country (Japan) already surrendered, was not for the end of the war, of course. It was a good exercise for America and the Jewish lobbies who wanted to show that they had the power to keep the whole world in line, and that worked successful. They have intimidated the world. In 1948, Isráil was founded. In 1949 Nato was established. Who could resist a country, with an atomic bomb?

We are talking and memorialize about holocaust and different genocides, but we are aware that these are genocide or holocaust, right? Look we call them “genocide” “holocaust”, why? because they killed thousands deliberately. What America did? America killed thousands when the bomb dropped, and after for a few years %65 percent of new born babies died or were born disabled because of radiation in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. That made abnormal DNA sequences. Not only humans got damage or killed, natural life died, thousands of animals and plant cover destroyed. Which vocabulary are we using for describe what America did? Because you know there is an own word for Hitler’s “holocaust”. Ok I’ll tell what we say that we learned from childhood;

“the bomb that ended the war”…

According to my opinion the greatest genocide of history (in proportion to the number of people dying at the same time) was that.

I am grateful that we are not celebrating it as “the Day of Peace” when we think of it being described as “the bomb that ended the war” in the historical books since childhood.

I think “justify” and “atomic bomb” are the last two words in literature to be used together in sentence

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