Before speaking further, it’s good to first discuss a little about Stellar Lumens or what is usually symbolized by XLM. Based on some references that I understand, Stellar Lumens is one of Blockchain-based social media platforms as well as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and other thousands of virtual currencies.

Just like other virtual currencies, Stellar Lumens also has many advantages and disadvantages. The price that can go up and down at any time is one of the Stellar Lumens properties like other virtual currencies.

In December 2017, Stellar Lumens (XLM) ranked 13th out of the thousands of Cryptocurrency and spread throughout the world. However, there is something unique about this type of virtual currency, currently Stellar Lumens has been able to have a total market valuation of more than $ 4 billion. Miraculously, this happened only within 3 years after its creation!


Still according to the same source, Stellar Lumens was first introduced in 2014 with 100 billion pieces (XLM). Then in 2015 Hardfork took place which resulted in the separation between two networks, namely: Stellar Lumens network itself as a means of investment, storage of wealth, and also for the purposes of transactions and trade.

Now let’s discuss about the advantages of Stellar Lumens (XLM). Like Blockhain in general, all innovations from the Ledger Database were decentralized. It is undeniable that this is one of the advantages of Stellar Lumens. In addition, there are several other advantages that Stellar Lumens has and very contrast when compared to other Cryptocurrency.

So, what are the very interesting advantages? These special advantages are Stellar Lumens has a special role in the Cryptocurrency ecosystem, which has an Anti-Spam detector to the smallest level. This is something magical and only belongs to Stellar Lumens. This advantage is different from what Ethereum (ETH) has. This is one of the advantages of Stellar Lumens that is very attractive to investors.


Then, there is one other advantage that only has Stellar Lumens, where customers must leave a minimum of 20 Lumens in their wallet. This means that customers cannot leave their wallets and they must leave at least 20 Lumens. This is interesting, in addition to binding on customer trust, it also makes Stellar Lumens competitiveness in the Cryptocurrency market strong and stable. This requirement will also detect XLM coin holders by irresponsible people.

There are several predictions that mention this year as Stellar Lumens’ heyday. Is it true? There are several predictions that call Stellar Lumens prices will go to the moon this year. Although the truth has not happened, but the news is able to attract investors to do business in Stellar coins.

Based on the estimate of “Indonesian Cryptourrency Coin Prediction”, the increase in Stellar Lumens prices will begin this year and last for a long time. The Indonesian Coin Prediction Institute, in mid 2023-04-27 Stellar Lumens prices will be in the range of 0.646 USD. Predicted prices continue to rise following the price of Bitcoin. So, is this prediction correct? Let’s just wait and see.. 🙂

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