Disclaimer: The article you are about to read is an opinion piece. This means I have not been rewarded in any way to give this a positive or negative write up. Everything written here is my personal opinion and not financial advice. This project has not launched, and everything I discuss is subject to change.

If you haven’t already heard about KARMA, it is a fantastic project that has a great team behind it. KARMA is a Dapp created on the EOS blockchain which incentivises doing good deeds. Think of it like Snapchat but if what you post is a video of you doing a good deed people can upvote it, and you can get paid in KARMA tokens.

KARMA has recently started allowing people to stake their tokens as well for a small percentage back. I have found this to be one of the best staking options around right now however the bonus is only until the Dapp launches.

The main reason for me thinking that this might be a killer app for EOS is because I can see teenagers wanting to use this to earn some money. And as we all know once one teenager gets there hands on something they spread it far and wide.

Also, I do feel that some of the videos on the app will go viral and promote the app even further. There are so many reasons why this app can succeed, and I would love it to be the killer app we need on the blockchain.

Another reason for writing this article today is because there was an announcement on Dallas Rushings YouTube channel yesterday about the beta app launching. It is a small video, and if you are interested, I will link below so you can check it out.


I won’t be joining in on the beta as he said they are looking for developers mainly to give them good feedback. But I hope some of you can help them out.

I am glad this is all happening because I was starting to worry about it taking longer than expected however I am hoping they were taking extra time to make things right. I wish the KARMA team all the best, and I am looking forward to the launch.

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  1. Fred Blauer

    I like the idea, but I don’t see how this is a sustainable business model. Where is the revenue going to come from on an ongoing basis, so that that people can continue to be paid out for doing good deeds? Maybe you can help me to understand.

  2. Corvin

    KARMA will boom because of the huge Community from poorer countries. Even now, the community surpassed everything I personally imagined. When Block.one releases it’s Wallet and everyone is able to get a free eos-account, even the people in these poorer or even third-world-countries are able to use the dapp without the need to invest money for an eos-account. For these People it’s totally normal to help each other, not like the people in western/richer countries. Earning 10 cents means for them, that they can buy a hole bread from it, while we, in the richer countries can’t even buy a slice of a bread with 10 cents.

  3. Cryptoslice

    i like the idea but ill stick to Facebook for social media out side of crypto, im not against good deeds i just never post anything on social media good deed or not :P. but i really do hope it is that killer dapp