Yes. No. Maybe. Unsure? A veritable smorgasbord of meditation practices are available for the picking. Everything from walking meditation to sitting meditation. There are analytical meditations, focusing on the breath, mantra recitation, visualization, and sound and body awareness meditations. Try a few and you are bound to find a style and technique that suits your nature and disposition. However, take the time to source a knowledgeable and experienced teacher. Or search online for a meditation practice that appeals to you.

In Australia there are hundreds of mindfulness and meditation courses and programs.  From Melbourne to  Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and regional and rural locations you will find retreats, bootcamps and  day events offering relief from stress and respite from our ultra -busy living, especially online living.  If you are a part of the crypto world meditation will benefit the FOMO and FUD roller coaster emotions that come as easily and the dips and the rips.  Daily meditation as little as ten minutes can be practiced to wake-up to our truer selves, to experience moments of quiet within and to escape noise pollution, mental unrest and reign in unbridled emotions.

Whether you use a chair, a meditation bench, a cushion or simply sit cross-legged on the floor is fine, as long as you are bodily comfortable. At the very least you give yourself some quiet time to reflect and withdraw your senses from the outer world to the inner world.

Karen M. Bell (aka Crypto Grandmother) taught yoga and meditation for decades in Australia, Bali and Nepal. As a former somatic therapist and Buddhist psychotherapist she brings body awareness, psychological training and practice in the wisdom traditions of meditation and mindfulness to her new pursuits of writing and crypto. Karen is the creator of the well ‘n’ happy practices and the Tibetan style well ‘n’ happy prayer flags. Karen is the Director of Black Dragon Seats  and Somatics Australia

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  1. Manfred Zwick

    Agreed.. I used to meditate quite a bit from an online source and found it really helped to clear my thoughts and made decision making really simple and easy. Recently I discovered hypnotherapy again through an online source and WOW really powerful with long lasting results.