Is Telos going to Go Live this week?

According to the weekly report of Telos Foundadtion, dated: Nov 23, it looks obvious that launch is getting a reality soon. Douglas Horn (author of White Paper) in this weekly report says that:

“It seems that the Telos flavor of IPFS (TIPFS) is going to be the first working implementation of this decentralized file storage technology, meaning that Telos will soon offer a new and valuable service to app developers not available on any other EOSIO chain. This development also means we will be able to resolve the few remaining governance contracts. These contracts are also very close to completion, so that we can vote to launch as soon as they are more fully tested.”

He continuous and further describes that

“We will meet again on Tuesday November 27th and many feel this date may be much more promising for a Go vote. We are closing down our processes to prepare for this.”

This is a clear indication that next week is the week when Telos is going to be launched. And finally we will see it live soon.

Some of the key achievements this week include are release of a new code, Telos Network Launch ‘Go/No-Go’ Vote, EOS Dublin and other top BPs sign on as block producer candidates, Development Updates, IPFS Improvement, Telos Blockchain Network Operating Agreement Changes were Adopted, Translation Updates, and many other things.

Many people are saying that Telos is a lottery for EOS Token holders. Telos will have a maximum supply of about 350 millions TLOS Tokens. If a TLOS gets to $1 in the next 24 months, whales in EOS may get to cash in their lottery ticket for $40,000. Telos has now everything. Telos has:

  • wallets,
  • explorers,
  • exchanges,
  • Flatter BP pay distribution,
  • Rotating BackUp BPs,
  • Arbitration,
  • Worker Proposal System,
  • dAPP development support programs,
  • GRC, and
  • EOSIO code base.

We love to see Telos going live any day now…

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