A few moments ago I watched the Debate between Roger Ver and Litecoin’s Charlie Lee, take a debate about the Lightning network. One of the biggest arguments that got me a bit woken as this comment Roger Ver said about how someone as a joke pushed an image of the lightning network node with the Roger Ver name and how many nodes didn’t connect to it. Which would mean that he wouldn’t be able to do transactions.

Lightning network nodes

This image was a great surprise on how segregation can be used on the Lightning network and how can this be weaponized to get judges and governments to segregate political activists and other good actors that are non convenient to someone else, like the government. This is a great discovery by Roger, he didn’t do an in-depth study about this, so I would love to hear some more people doing a test and rundown on how likely this could happen.

Roger Ver is one of the most active voices in crypto, owner of the Bitcoin.com website and one of the best entrepreneurs in the Bitcoin world. He was one of the first investors on companies like Blockchain.info and Coinbase even other cryptos like Ripple, ZCash and others.

Charlie Lee is another big star of the crypto world, creator of the Litecoin cryptocurrency. Litecoin is the first Altcoin and to many, most of the more stable altcoins out there. He worked for many years in Coinbase and currently is working full time in Litecoin.

Lightning network is an implementation derived from the Segwitt protocol implemented in Bitcoin which was the reason that generate the fork between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

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