To begin this blog i have to say I am unbiased, i’ll keep it plain and simple and just writing it as it has evolved over time.

We have seen over the last two decades a growing resentment from various leaders around the world, the reluctance to use the US Dollar as the pinnacle for trade. We have seen many countries felt enslaved to this to keep there economies moving, but as soon as they decide to turn there back on the US dollar, that’s when problems arise and the media begin to cloak the truth by coming up with stories that these leaders are bad and need to be over throne.

The media is a clever tool, as Adolf Hitler once said ‘Make the lie big, keep it simple, keep saying it and eventually they will believe it’.

This is how the media works!

Example 1: Saddam Hussein leader of Iraq.

Saddam Hussein decided to to step away from the petrodollar and be paid in Euros. The media came up with the headline that he was developing weapons of mass destruction, hence ‘Hitlers quote’. These have never been found to this day but the media gained support from the public at the time for an invasion of Iraq to over throw Saddam Hussein.

Example 2: Muammar Al Gathafi leader of Lybia.

Muammar Al Gathafi had decided to step away from the petrodollar and use gold as a means of payment. Once again, this was put in the media that he was a ruthless dictator and that he had to be over throne.

Regimes were created with the help of the American Government and the Media and once again there mission was accomplished.

Example 3: Bashar Al-Assad leader of Syria.

It’s quite difficult to find definitive proof as to why there is conflict in Syria to over throw Bashar Al-Assad but maybe it is to do with the petrodollar. Maybe the media has been crying wolf to many times. and decided to keep this a little more quiet, “would be interesting to have your feedback”.

Example 4:  Nicolás Maduro leader of Venezuela.

Nicolás Maduro has recently announced that he wants his country to use a new cryptocurrency called the ‘Petro’.

This is a new phase where gold, the Euro or any other currency is stepping away from the US dollar. it’s the first cryptocurrency to do this.

I have attached a link were George Galloway an ex-member of the UK parliament explains this in more detail.

We will see some interesting times ahead of us especially now Institutions are getting into the crypto environment for long term savings, superannuation, hedging and with the current climate around us geopolitically, are we beginning to see the end of the US Dollar and the new beginnings  of  digital currency like Bitcoin and Blockchain to become the new future method of payment.

We will have to wait and see…

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