After participating of blogging for many years and landing on steem a year ago, I’ve often considered the possibility of a strong competitor appearing from left field. If I’m to be honest, the possibility of something taking over, of STEEM the token itself failing is not too worrying, at least not in the big scope of things.

Now, I do expect that any project that would give this a go, that would attempt to slay the dragon sort of speak, would have quite a quest in front of them. After all, the tech is important no doubt, but more importantly being able to convince communities and their leaders to make the shift is nothing that has been perfected as some sort of formula.

This is precisely why most crypto projects fail. Unfortunately, its not about talent per say, it’s not even about polished intelectual power. It has a lot more to do with happenstance and social quirks. Hence why I believe that slaying the behemoth is quite difficult.

I’m going to play around a bit on this platform, see what it has to offer, and how it attempts to tackle some of the distribution issues that most cryptos suffer from. So far, it feels like I’m interacting with a wordpress type website, but that is actually a good thing. However, Im quite confused as to how to search for quality content or how “quality” itself gets determined.

Are there likes? Upvotes? Downvotes? Shares? Trending Pages? It’s quite fun to feel like a newbie all over again.


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  1. Yanika

    Hi @meno!

    As I am a newbie here like you ( actually anybody right now here is an early adopter ) and the questions you raised are very actual at that moment. See your slight comparisons with steemit.
    Answering your questions from what I have got to know is yes!
    There are upvotes, downvotes. trending pages , regarding shares I think yeap, if only posting the content on other site.
    I am curious to know how are the things with transferring tokens from one account to another account, are there communities with common interest or it is too early to talk about that.

    1. Meno Post author

      This could be fun, and honestly, I don’t believe in this crazy absolutist loyalty… I think it’s clever to spread your branding across all platforms anyways, specially if you are trying to change the cultural paradigm at your fullest capacity.

    1. Phil Newton

      As far as I understand, vote amount depends on how many tokens the voting account is holding. I am led to believe that holding 10,000 TRYBE would give a vote reward of 200.

      I too would like to hear more about vote power, reputation etc.

  2. Rikke

    Kind of funny – I think it’s (until now) difficult to find stuff on this platform…. right now I’m actually looking for the button to upvote this post – I can find the button to upvote the comments, but not the original post – am I a total moron?