Since few days my Mac (I know I will receive few comments saying that Mac are “shait” and that I should use a different computer etc) is getting insane hot. For instance yesterday while reviewing several posts I have noticed that the temperature of my computer reached 100*C that was insane and was burning my legs.

I know one of the things to do would be switch off… other might say just lunch it from the window or other perhaps will suggest to put in the freezer lol 🙂  anyway everything started for the simple reason that there were too many apps on and probably Chrome and Scatter were working in background and increasing the temperature too.

This morning I have re-activate a program that is free to use and the name is Macs Fan Control.  You can find it free to download and use following this link.

This is how it is presented on my computer…  you can go on Auto to leave that the computer will do everything for you or you can go on Personal (sorry the screen is in Italian) and then set the RPM required. If for instance you are using something that is making crazy your computer (in my case happens if I do airplay and I share my screen with my TV or using ChromeCast connected with my TV) in that case you could set up a high number of RPM that in my case is 6500.

I am leaving here a video found on youtube where you can see how to install it (very easy to do it) and how to set some spec such as showing into the top bar the fan RPM and temperature and much more!

Today the software is working well as you can see from my screen but only after I have closed Chrome… perhaps it was the reason it went so hot and burning my legs 🙂

I hope this small intro helped you… if its the case please leave a comment below 🙂

Kind regards,


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  1. miti

    Ciao Web, non ho un Mac ma anche io faccio uso di software per gestire le ventole del mio PC, perché in alcune condizioni anche se impostate su temperature automatiche, le ventole vanno molto più forte del necessario creando due problemi: rumore eccessivo e consumo elettrico ingiustificato (soprattutto per me che per lavoro ho il PC acceso H24)