The forecasted amount vs Realized amount

There was a real difference between the forecasted airdrop quantity to realized one.

The amount received is almost 1/3 of what was expected and written on the Trybe wallet.

This was a real frustration for most of the users.

The explanation of Trybe team on the technical problem was satisfactory for me.

As an amateur dApp developer on EOS, I know very well that the API’s we use on EOS are mostly at beta version and so is the DFuse system they use to stream the blockchain info.

I also started using this API and realized the kinks of it.

Everything was clear after snap-shot and Tom Norwood, as himself informed people just before airdrop on the problem and shared the correct file with all transperancy.

After all, we all know that this is an airdrop and money from the air.

We can only thank the Trybe Team for this!

One message here : “Never Raise Expectations” even on free airdrops 😉

Verification of Tom Norwood’s file


Next thing to do was, to take the real airdrops and compare it with the file received from Tom.

There are exactly 2607 accounts that have received airdrops.

To compare with 11 December airdrop, there were 9333 accounts then.

What happened? Where did these accounts go?

The answer is staking for 20 days! For December 11 airdrop, staking was not an issue.

So, 6726 accounts are not active in the platform and chosen not to stake their precious Trybe’s for 20 days.

The only difference I found is approximately 50 TRYBE in total, coming from rounding of numbers.

So, thank you again Tom for submitting the correct file before the airdrop.

Some Statistics

180 accounts ( %7 of total 2607 ) received the %80 of the airdrops ( average 22 000 Trybe per account )

36 accounts ( %1.4 of total 2607) received %50 of the airdrops ( average 70 000 Trybe per account )

The biggest airdrop receiver is starcitizen1 account with %6.1 of total airdrops. ( approximately 305 000 Trybe )

Much better distrubution than 11 December! It was %3 of the accounts that received %82 of the airdrops.

Claiming and Immidiate decrease of Trybe price on NewDex


As the claiming of airdrops began, the node listener I have put to trace the Trybe transfers began to act like Matrix.

Right after 2 hours, 36.9% of the airdrops were claimed and approximately 130 000 Trybe was sold in the exchanges.

(I missed some due to some streaming problem on DFuse)

This resulted in an immidiate decrease of Trybe price from 0.0017 EOS to below 0.001 EOS and it is still trying to recover.

Thank you for reading and I would appreciate any comment or other perspectives in comment section.


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  1. James Diegel

    I’m in agreement with your thoughts regarding the mishap and the way the team handled it. When I claimed and only received 1/3 of what the projected balance was, I was a bit confused as to why – but upon receiving an explanation from the team, I was more than satisfied. I think the way the team handles these sorts of mishaps, quite common in developing tech in general, is great. They are fully transparent and forthright from the onset – part of the reason actually I have so much faith in the future of this platform. As for the Newdex drop, it seems part and parsl (pun intended) of the space for airdropped projects. Hopefully in the future crypto will change it ways and the price of these tokens will appreciate once more – and I honestly believe that they will as this is such a promising young project. I’m sure people have their reasons for doing what they do, but for me, I’m happy to hold what I have received and will consider topping up my holdings when I feel the Newdex market has stabilized on a low. I’m sure there are those that sell off low and then buy back the equivalent amount when the price crashes… personally though, at least for Trybe and the other projects I believe in, I’m cool to slowly increase my holdings over time and lend as much support to this project in as many ways as I can in appreciation for all they have done and become. Thanks for posting the stats btw – its a nice reference firedream 😉

    1. Zeus69

      Everything that James said above, I support, not much more to add, but, lets stick with TRYBE and help where we can, it will only get better, and i am very optimistic in the genuine supporters of this great project. And the amazing TRYBE team that works so hard to ensure the success of this project. Remember as members we are [at of the bigger picture for this community based project. 😉
      Thanks bud for the great analysis, and so soon after the drop, well done. Keep up the great posts.
      Mark (Zeus69)

  2. MineYourMind

    Hmm I have been active since the beginning of December, but have received no notification of receiving any airdrop prize. I thought it depended in the tokens earned as well as those staked from OnChain sources.

    So, you must Stake the tokens from OnChain to receive anything?

    Whatever the reason, those of us not interested in an EOS account until I want to withdraw are essentially being penalized for hodling and that will not benefit the platform.

    This is because I am bringing value to the platform by not adding quality original content, but my content is unique here, which also broadens the topic field.

    This is what will interest the masses, not the airdrops, which artificially props up the influence of a few.

    The airdrops are not helping to onboard user’s nor keep user’s, which want to keep a low profile by waiting before going Onchain.

    So, hearing about airdrops I won’t receive, let alone able to claim even I do will just piss me off and push me away. New Blockchain Social Media Platforms are popping up left and right and they need to find a better way to benefit their user’s fairly.

    1. MineYourMind

      Not to mention that the above comment took me 15 mins to create because the comment field keeps freezing and editing isn’t offered so type-o’s are created.

      Above I meant to say, ” not only have I contributed quality content”…

        1. MineYourMind

          Link my EOS account? If so, that’s my point. I don’t have one and won’t have one for a while, if ever. If I must have multiple accounts to have the full benefit by using Trybe, then Trybe is alienating a huge part of the Social Media Market and their growth is limited. This will severely affect the future of the Platform.

 gave all their bonuses OffChain, so I know it can be done.

          1. firedream Post author

            Mmmm…you have a point!
            The airdrops are given as liquid Trybe that can be immidiately traded in exchanges.
            To receive that you need an EOS wallet ( trybe uses Scatter ) to receive the airdrops.

            Unlike Steemit, Trybe doesn’t have its own wallet – it is a smart contract ( a token ) created on EOS blockchain.

            Unfortunately, the cryptocurrency technology is still difficult to use for most of the people.
            This is the side effect of “accesability by everyone” of the blockchains – increased security and complex process.

      1. Ian Jeffreys @DNAian

        Thanks for the clarification. So those people would have to unstake all their Trybe, because even if they sold their airdrop tokens they received in December they would still receive airdrops in Jan. for the previous staked tokens? The airdrop is based on the amount staked in the account 20 days prior to the airdrop, not just new staked Trybe?

  3. AD

    Interesting…So those people prefer to sell their tokens on the exchange rather than stake them and make more. Hmmm…
    Not much of a mathematician, so can’t do the math, but it would be interesting to hear from someone who can!

    1. firedream Post author

      Not all the people and not all the tokens but enough to decrease Trybe price below 0.001 EOS.
      But this is normal because the Trybe quantity available is increased by 5m at the air drop and 7m after bonus.
      Basic inflation-deflation rule, as you increase the supply with a constant demand prices decrease.

        1. firedream Post author

          I was asking the same question and got a very nice reply:
          “Buying from exchange is trade, buying from presale is supporting a start-up”
          So, no more words to say on that I guess 😉

  4. CryptosDecrypted

    Valuable post @firedream. It’s really great to have some-one breakdown and track the airdrops. I agree with your opinions re the team and how they conduct themselves. I also agree that wherever possible you don’t want a discrepancy between expectations and reality. I feel a bit sorry for the Trybe team as the first airdrop which was much higher than most people expected was greatly complicated by EOS CPU issues. Here’s hoping the next one goes off entirely smoothly and the team get a lot of positive feedback for their efforts. Return to rate later.

    1. firedream Post author

      @sweety for sure increasing the supply as free tokens will cause an immidiate price drop as these tokens will be sold in the exchanges.
      Since it is free, most see no problem in selling them cheap as immidiate cash.
      But, if someone is selling this means someone is also buying!
      The market will soon after regulate itself as there is also a demand for Trybe.

  5. Julia Williams

    Dear friend very beautiful article, I want to say thank you for your valuable love and support towards my post, yesterday I achieved a milestone here in Trybe platform, and you can say I achieved the second rank from the beginning and I am now “Trybe Sentinel” so dear friend it’s can’t be possible without your valuable love and support, so Thank you for your love and support.

    **Five Stars for your beautiful efforts.**

    With love and respect.