I have worked for a proprietary equity trading firm located in Kansas City, MO for the last 11 years.  Here are some of my levels of expertise that I have learned over the years:

        -Algorithmic trading, risk management, leading projects and teams

        -Understanding technicalities of trading including mechanics of software and hardware implementation

        -Building parallel routing strategies to enhance execution quality

        -Intricate knowledge of low latency trading systems and infrastructure, including wireless data transmission

        -Accessing Hadoop cluster technology to develop innvate ways of consuming and interpreting terabytes of market data

I am actively learning Python (mostly Pandas) and R.  I love finding data in the world and then analyzing its value at predicting the future.  I have traded both US and Canadian equity markets, and am trading in the Crypto markets, as well.

Outside of work, I have many passions; family, friends, travel, music, festivals, etc.  I love the world we live in and find that by exploring and asking and sharing, life offers you countless beautiful surprises.

Work outside of work:  I believe crowdfunding will disrupt VC for private equity.  I also believe governance from the bottom up is completely possible due to this digital revolution we are going through.  These are some things I have been learning about and exploring for about five years.  With the advent of Smart Contracts, I now want to merge the world of crowdfunding and crypto to bring the dream of financial democratization to life.  After that, we can start putting Smart Social Contracts on money and start bringing the same idea to life on a social scale.

Going forward:  I am a huge advocate of the EOSio community, and am trying to participate in as many projects, like TRYBE, that I can find.  Please share any cool projects with me that you think I should join!  If you have questions or just want to talk about crowdfunding, governance, trading systems, smart social contracts, owning your own data, etc, just let me know!  I love to learn!

Thank you,


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