On Dec. 8, 2018, Jim Morrison’s 75th birthday will be celebrated, his image and artistic trail is yet to be judged by those that have the critical spirit lucid and impartial enough to avoid the traps of marketing.

If rock music marketing was limited to promoting music as such, perhaps the fortunes of show-business would not have hit the astronomical sums of newspapers and magazines, much of which came from selling the artist to the public, a dangerous game in which most of those who have had to choose between anonymity and instant glory have entered. Getting out of the gear of success and money was not easy for those who tried to escape from the characters they themselves created with the help of advertising.

Jim Morisson was one of those ‘fallen’ artists who have not been able to reach the end of the road to light. His death in 1971, though not unexpected in the case of his last years. Some authors have suggested that if Jim had not died that year 1971, perhaps we would have been dealing with a consecrated poet today. It is unlikely, however, that this talented anarchist who burnt like a living torch, overcoming barriers, conventions, defying death in songs, verses or in his own life, would have ever become a member of literary academies, although his culture and energy would certainly be allowed to write not only volumes of poems, but also plays or avant-garde plays. Morisson produced very little in his short existence, his unique drowning talent being in that killing drug and alcohol cocktail, fatal amalgam of other colleagues of the generation. Attached to the ‘other’ Morrison adored by the audience, he could not stop where the end began, making the final step to glory and death.

When, in 1971, he touched alcoholism in Paris to define a future beyond the fake character, often violent, he had adopted, he had not found the power to free himself from the trap. But this prisoner of the false image was a sensitive, warm and understanding man with those around him who knew him and took advantage of friendship and less of his image. His arrogant and inaccessible character mask had a ‘practical’ purpose to protect a shy and introverted invasion of idolatry and not hypocritical. Unfortunately, the mask devoured his bearer, leaving few chances to his fragile prisoner to get rid of him. For an unstable psychic and unbalanced spirit and alcohol, the way back from the artificial to the authentic could not take place. Fascinated by death, but rather of life lived near death, Morrison has not imagined limits, has not calculated his paths and careers, has not saved his feelings, nor has he accumulated fortune in his short path on the earth.

Although he himself considers himself a poet rather than a musician, he does not mean that by listening to his music and reading his lyrics, cannot be noticed the three-dimensionality of his creations. Morrison was not just a poet singing his lyrics, but an integrating spirit of music, poetry and dramatic art, a dionysiac, as he defined himself. But even beyond these dimensions, Morrison was a manipulator, a modern shaman and a god of the public at the same time. Behind the scandalous mask he wore was a man with a culture far superior to the pop music icons of those days and even today. This excellent connoisseur of French and English poetry, Antonin Artaud and Louis Ferdinand Celine, Nieztche and William Blake, were one and the same character that scandalized an entire Puritan America with its sexually obsessed chills.

It would be erroneous to see in Morrison just a symbol of the pop culture absorbed by the publicity and the tendencies of the moment. In fact, a symbol of the myth would only mask other personalities, as they were, in part, described by those close to him. And yet the myth exists, as it was built by legends that are more true. Music is not everything at Morrison, just as his poetry does not fully represent it, even if on the death certificate, the ‘profession’ heading was completed with: ‘writer’. In order to know him more deeply and justly, is needed to overcome Morrison from ‘The Doors’ movie or more or less romantic biographers. The Morrison case is still waiting for a cleared cliché and hysteria approach.

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  1. TRUTH(@i-am)

    What I find most interesting about Morrison is the fact that his Father was a Rear Admiral in the US Navy(9th Aircraft Division), and was present at the False Flag event at the Gulf of Tonkin which spurred the start of the US-Vietnam war. A few years later, with another False Flag of the USS Liberty Admiral Morrison recognized the False Flag nature of the event and denounced the Zionist for acting as Syrian ships to gain US funding to back their war. Seems the man knew a lot about False Flag events, and was even present at Pearl Harbor (when no action was take about the incoming Japanese Fighters) but when he turned against the powers that be it seems Jim came to a quick demise surrounded by mystery. Even his fathers statements about his death are contrary to the official story, as is his opinion of Jim (“Jim’s moral and ethical standards were very high”) which is quite the opposite of the mass medias portrayal of him as an out-of-control freak, drug addict and disrespectful rock star.


    1. adrianobalan Post author

      for sure the person and the rock star wasn’t quite the same, and we know more about the star and less about the person he was. anyway he’s on the front page of the music history, and for a 27 y.o. it is something.