Feb 23

Amazing Trading/Investing Analyst

TIMM is a freelance marketplace for analysts to offer their insights and experience to investors and/or traders. We are currently building content and readership with plans to open up premium services in the near future. You can see some of the incredible talent already contributing to TIMM on MentorMarket.io.

TIMM covers all sectors and styles. It’s up to the analyst to decide what their focus is. Currently our writers focus mostly on cryptos, with some indices, commodities, forex and stocks thrown in. Technical and fundamental analysis are fine. Some of the best work utilizes both.

We are currently integrated with the Steem blockchain. So your posts can be connected to your Steem account. We are also working on integration with Trybe, where TIMM plans to become much more involved.

Analysts must be able to communicate their analysis clearly and provide compelling enough information to demand a decision from the reader. That doesn’t mean that the reader must be swayed one way or another. It means that the information needs to be complete enough for them to either do so, or have something to build upon in doing their own due diligence.“>

Premium services will include a premium membership on the site as well as your ability to charge for your content. TIMM will provide your own private group option, newsletter service and other tools to help you provide the services your subscribers are looking for. You set the fee.

To learn more about what makes TIMM tick, please see our About pages. Feel free to set up an account and engage a bit. You’ll likely appreciate our Trading Pits, where our authors (Mentors) post real-time and TIMM content is streamed.

If you would like to discuss this more, please DM TIMM on the site, or you can email with your introduction and samples of your work.

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