Competition can be fun! Competing in a team against other teams while helping science and medicine is not just fun, it’s helping humanity. Boid is the playground for this kind of humanitarian competition. AND boid makes it easy to join in the fun competition. We’ll get into how now.

To have a feel good competition you must first sign up for the boid app, also called ‘The Social Supercomputer’, by clicking my INVITE LINK here. I can tell you it’s really fun and new teams are being created all the time. After you sign up, fill out this form and choose a team. I am partial to my team, Procryptix Miners and Traders, so select ‘Other’ on the form and enter “Procryptix”. Each boid team has a bonus reward pool of 875,000 boid tokens per month for the next 2 years! Trust me, you don’t want to miss the good clean fun!

Besides the boidVIPs team, who are the teams already competing and helping our fellow man? Well, the EOS community has stepped up! Since boid has chosen the EOS blockchain for their Dapp, the EOS community has been ecstatic and enthusiastic about boid. A few EOS dAPPS are already partnering up with boid to create engaging user experiences and that is bringing solutions to market faster.

EOSdac, the community owned block producer (BP) and DAC enabler, was the first team to step up. They announced their team creation in August, challenging their members to engage in the competition. It wasn’t long before they had some serious competition, however.

Boid and announced their partnership September 4th to get their members involved in the community. Boid has given Trybe an extra 3.5 million boid tokens to be divided out between the first 3500 people who join Team Trybe on BOID! Not only that, they’ll also receive a bonus 50 Trybe tokens in their boid wallet! They have just under 1000 members on the team so you still have time to join and get the rewards. is a social platform on the EOS blockchain in the same vein as Steemit. Their platform is fully tokenized. All participation in their platform earns users tokens. You can invite friends, create great content, share other people’s content to your social networks, use the site daily, and get ratings from other users. Just visiting their site daily will earn you 10 of their tokens. I did join Trybe but not their boid team. Here is my reference link to join Trybe.

EOS block producer EOSNewYork has also jumped into the fray with their motto, ‘Everything is a block away!’. Then came the team Large Seafaring Mammal. They sell ‘Streetwear powered by EOSIO’ and you can get a 12% discount on their website by using discount code: BOID. BoidVIPs|Korean have also created their own team for Korean boid users. Now the competition is really on! I can’t wait to see how many more BPs will get involved. The EOS community is very involved, as you can see!

Last but not least, I am proud to say that as of October 1st I have created a team on boid for my business Procrytix, LLC. Procrytix works to make the cryptocurrency space more accessible by creating tools and educating for mass adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency. It’s called Procryptix Miners & Traders team. We will be giving 1,000 boid tokens to everyone that joins our team and our Discord here. We will be having great discussions and competitions and the top boid power producer, GrayHatGroup, is on our team! Here is Proctypix’s announcement on Steemit about the creation of the team and more information about it. We know crypto miners love to compete and crypto traders love to compete. They also love to help science and medicine. You don’t have to be a miner or a trader to join the team and have fun. We want everyone to join our team. As in the article on Steemit describes, we will be having competitions for bonus boid and we are talking with a nonprofit to give our members, and anyone else on boid, an opportunity to do more good by donating boid to feed hungry children. More to come!

In conclusion, as you can see, there is much going on at boid. Users can now transfer their boid out of the app into their own EOS wallet. And there will be many more teams to come that will make our community more involved and active. It’s really becoming a family of people of all walks of life interacting and doing good for humanity and earning boid tokens. We are looking forward to a long and rewarding relationship with everyone. See you there!


Donny Letson, Shadowcrypt
Boid Ambassador
Procryptix, LLC

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    I really like BOID and I am one of the members of BOID and also a social media user of .. And I am very happy with this writing, because it is more enlightening to me about BOID and TRYBE.ONE