Are You Coming to Anarchapulco?

Don’t miss out on this workshop. If you are serious about cryptocurrency and security then this is the workshop for you. Learn how to handle your own crypto securely, off of exchanges. Click Here to Sign Up.

In 2018 We Saw So Many People in Crypto Lose Money Due to Hacks and Poor Security.

In 2019 start the year off right by learning the proper ways to secure your crypto. After a few hours with Juan Galt and the volunteers you will be ready to return home knowing that you are doing more to protect your money than 99% of all crypto currency users.

Benefits of Attending the Be Your Own Bank Workshop at Anarchapulco 2019.

a. Financial Sovereignty.

b. Deeper Understanding of Operational Security (OpSec).

c. A Functional Solution to Inheritance.

d. Membership to a Club of Like-minded Crypto Users.

e. I will be attending.

Who is Juan Galt?

Juan Galt began his Bitcoin career in 2014 as a Journalist and researcher in Toronto. He has since created over 400 pieces of content on cryptocurrencies and taught hundreds of newcomers the basics and more advanced areas of this promising industry. In recent years he has focused on those that care about having sovereign control of their wealth and enjoying the freedom that grants them.

Juan is the founder of the ByoBank Workshop, and almost everything in it was developed from his observation of major hacks, discussions with peers, personal experiences and personal strategy to protect his digital assets, in the modern age.

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