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For the New Year we will introduce a card of transition. The Three of Wands refers to something completed but once done we realize there is more to do. At the end of the year we have closed the book on the year 2018, but there are many things that we have yet to accomplish, and just as the past year took us by surprise, we don’t really know how the New Year will unfold.

In many cases my poems for the cards are evoked by personal experience, or remembrances of friends or family, or even just related to some belief that I have entrenched in my system. For this card, it is more descriptive, basically just going with the imagery of the card, and the meaning, and simply allowing them to define the text. I think that this is because the card is so evocative of the new journey. Someone staring to the horizon, ready to embark on an excursion, firmly rooted in what they have accomplished, but aware there is much more to be discovered.

The other aspect of the card is that you need to keep an open mind, and not blind yourself to new things, by your expectations, or your past experiences. As you journey out into the new world, realize that you might encounter something you have never seen before, a situation that you have never dealt with, and realize that you will need to adapt in new and challenging ways.

Sometimes the New Year, is a bit anticlimactic, like your 47th birthday, or the movie you were expecting to be great, but was just okay. It can seem like just a number or one more day on the calendar; nothing special or earth shattering. But is that just us becoming entrenched in our ways, and complacent? Do we celebrate to remind us that we need change and excitement, and new eyes? Or is there really some astrological shift, some rebirth that we need to recognize, something in the collective unconscious that reassesses and readjusts, and allows us to go into the New Year with the ability to change ourselves, and reinvent ourselves? ‘Resolutions are made to be broken.’ ,  is exactly the phrase we should ignore.  Happy New Year! And may you find a way to reinvent and rediscover!


The Three of Wands – December 31, 2018

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I am standing
By the edge of this sparkling azure sea
Pelted by the aggressive sand and the relentless wind
Though caressingly warm, and invigorating.

At the edge of one world
The gateway to a wind rose of shifting directions
Unknown islands, gems of mystery,
Soon to be revealed by the horizon.

I take one last look behind
To the familiar legacy of all that I have achieved
Through the stately columns of evergreen trees
And realize how small it now seems
Here from this vast and howling beach.


What unseen marvel to the bitter north west?
How friendly the misguided path due west?
The oracle of my experience
Has an opinion of its own
That I would do right to ignore
For it can only recognize
The familiar

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