Only eighteen and conscripted to the military,

no choice of mine it was the norm at this time and scary,

barely out of school and still wet behind the ear,

too young to watch an adult movie or have a beer.

Disadvantaged to study and too white to be left behind,

this I never understood till today, rightfully grew up blind,

this pain will never leave me as I walk through life,

explaining, I can’t understand myself, the past strife.

Ready to be trained to kill another nation’s child,

leaving their family with the loss and our side smiled,

dejected as I waved goodbye to my family that day,

my girlfriend was there too and my friends to stay.

To a military camp for 2 years, re-programmed and trained,

based in Kimberley 900 Km to be mentally stained,

infantry intelligence was my involuntary military calling,

not knowing what was in store for our adult life’s stalling.

On my new bed listening to songs of memory and waiting,

corporals, sergeants screaming at youths scared, hating,

nobody knowing what or who, or how, where to show,

disconnected from family and treated like **** dough.

Molding us into military men without feelings,

chased and forced without asking or dealings,

involuntary wearing uniforms, carrying death,

brainwashed, to march in unison, out of breath.

Bushwhacking, crawling under barbed mesh,

ripping our faces, shredding our young flesh,

many a youth destroyed mentally for gore,

but guaranteed that we were ready for war.

Your rifle is your wife; the military is your mother,

drilled into our minds and began a smother,

fired our weapons at fabricated enemy,

re-loading and then screaming with venom.

Indoctrination and mental instability forced,

not ourselves but killing machines endorsed,

spread across African borders to kill on sight,

innocent, women and child death is our right.

Many a friend made and many a friend lost,

this is for our nation, family and worth the cost,

under the impression of protecting our nation,

living off measly dehydrated and shared ration.

We the soldiers of our South African non-united nation,

proud and ready to destroy, our new minds creation,

all others were the enemy and terrorists,

to them we were the same to kill and create hero lists,

Friends and Time with family are lost forever,

memories of the past in our conscience lost never.

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  1. Infosion

    You allways find the right words, even for a topic like this..!
    Important to be reminded about how the world is sometimes. But also no reason to be too negative about it: With decentralisation we as humanity are on a mission to make this world a better for everyone. Hopefully we will one day just look into our history books and see how damn dumb humanity was in the past …

    1. Zeus69 Post author

      Hey my friend, long time no chat, do you hang around DISCORD or telegram at all?
      Thanks for the read and comment, much appreciated, it was a time of my life best written about than living it, but mind is in a better space for that.
      I really enjoy this site that gives everyone the space to write what they want and I think by TRYBE adding the different categories has given others the voice as well.
      Thank you
      Mark (Zeus69)

      1. Infosion

        Hey man,
        this really sucks, I’m sorry for you and everyone that has to experience this by themselves. It’s also not enough to be hyped and say/believe everything is going to be better.. Especially for everyone who has experiences something like that or is bound to have experineces like that – which might be the case when joining the military in a lot of regions on earth nowadays.
        Glad that you found your way of dealing with all of that and create such awesome poetry out of it. I really like reading your stuff everytime! It gets you thinking and is allways a nice read.

        @Discord & Telegram:
        No, right, good you reminded me. Wanted to get in touch with these. I guess I’m kind of old school about stuff like that. 😉 Hope I’ll do that soon

        And yeah I really also enjoy TRYBE, all the changes so far are very good and will create more variety of content

    1. Zeus69 Post author

      Thanks for reading Martin, yeah it was a heavy time of my life, its a reality of the times. Many ex-soldiers from that time have post traumatic disorders.
      Mark (Zeus69)