The Communication Starter Card is the first card that we can use as a means of communicating with cell phones that are already familiar to mobile phone users. This starter card is a small object called a sim card that is inserted into a cellular telephone behind our cellphone and our cellphone will not be able to be used to communicate if we do not use a sim card.

Almost all residents living in Indonesia generally use cellphones. Even now many have switched to using tablets, gadgets, and iPad. All of these devices will not work if we do not use sim cards and sim cards in Indonesia are divided into two, namely prepaid and postpaid cards. Prepaid cards are still the number one demanded by consumers in Indonesia due to their low usage and cost.

Prepaid Cards are a card that we can use to make transactions without cash and Prepaid Cards do not provide credit transactions or are related to accounts and prepaid cards having a certain amount of balance to transact and can be added to the nearest counters if they are used up. The type of transaction that can be done with a prepaid card is to make communication and the balance in the form of telephone credit.


The services provided by the prepaid card are almost the same as postpaid parties such as internet packages, downloading programs to buy dial tones. Especially in this era of telecommunications consumers are more concerned with data services compared to telephone or short message services.

The business development of prime cards is increasingly in demand in the market and is assisted by salespeople who are always ready to circulate throughout the country and this shows that this sim card is needed by all people.

the types of PERDANA Cards in Indonesia include:

1.  Perdana Simpati

2.  Pendana Mentari

3.  Perdana Im3

4.  Perdana XL

5.  Perdana Esia

6.  Perdana flexy

now social media is very heavily cultivated by the community and the first card they need is the first card that has the internet. Each cellular operator has an internet quota capacity that is very different. There is a small capacity and there is also a large internet capacity. Getting this internet card is very easy because it is sold in roadside shops, special counters and even grocery stores sell it because all of this is a Golden opportunity for the Prime Card sales business.

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