Moderators in KOMET KORE serve a vital role. Moderators serve as the primary liaison between the users/community of KOMET KORE and the developers of the studios. Moderators have multiple responsibilities inside KOMET KORE. Due to KOMET KORE being community driven one of the tasks of the moderators will be to explore new ideas that are posted, comment and give feedback and to take the most popular ideas and organize them in such a way that they are presentable to the developers.

This is possible through the interface of KOMET KORE. When ideas start to gain popularity, moderators can open individual chats with idea creator to organize a layout of the idea in an intuitive form. A hand-off is then conducted, and the moderator steps back and lets the developers review the idea with the user for implementation and use. Once an idea is accepted by the developers the moderator gains credibility. Credibility lets users know how active the moderators are and the amount of ideas they have pushed through. Credibility also allows moderators to earn higher rewards each day.

Moderators will also be in charge of settling update disputes between the active user base and the developers. When updates are pushed to a game via a side chain and are not verified by 51% of the active user base of that game, then the update is pushed back to the developers for revision. The community can give feedback on why it wasn’t verified, and if the developers disagree or believe the feedback is irrelevant, then the moderators get involved. Moderators review the input provided by the community as well as the total number of players who tried the new update rather than the old game. If less than 33% or a third of the active user base tried the update, then the update is pushed to the live chain regardless of the active user base. If feedback was deemed irrelevant or provided no useful insights for the update itself, then moderators can force the update to the live chain as well.

On the other hand, if feedback given by the active user base has real weight behind it and logical reasoning, then moderators can outline the necessary changes that need to be made before sending the update again. Once the revision is complete, and the update is pushed, the only feedback that can be given is on the changes that the moderators outlined in the previous review. Using revisionary updates allows developers to get a go-ahead on various features without users being able to change their stance regarding the previously accepted aspects of the patch notes. In approaching it with this model, it will prevent poor updates from taking effect at the same time as allowing the developers to get useful feedback on the update in question. If there is no relevant feedback, or users accept the update, then it becomes final, and the new version of the game replaces the old one.

Process of how updates are pushed and realized by moderators

At any given time there are 54 moderators. Elections are done in groups of 18 which provides moderators with a year in their position when elected semi-annually. The benefits of this are two-fold. Fresh moderators ensure an active community as well as a fair one. Moderator candidates are chosen from the most active users within KOMET KORE. Upon accepting the candidacy, the top 18 candidates will be confirmed as moderators. Candidates are not made moderators until half of the active user base has voted. Each account on KOMET KORE will count as one vote.

Moderators voted in will have many responsibilities inside KOMET KORE, and as such, each moderator will receive a daily compensation in KOMET KOIN with the amount depending on activity within KOMET KORE. Activity includes but is not limited to:

Contributing to ideas within KOMET KORE

resolving update disputes

Outlining ideas and plans to present to developers

As development and design progress, more responsibilities will be detailed based on development needs and feedback given. The functionality of KOMET KOIN will be explained in detail in future excerpts of KOMET KORE. Moderators roles in the community will continue to grow and evolve along side KOMET KORE.

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