Bet dice is an online betting game.It is very much similar to the EOS bet game. This online betting platform got lot of attention few days before due to the amount of gain one can make

 The reason i am coming up with this article is because of the free token distribution . Platform has closed its token sale and  awarding 1000 DICE token for every new signup using scatter.

It is a pure gambling game involving placing the bet using EOS or DICE and rolling the dice between 0 to 100.

For example: You bet 1 EOS. If the dice falls below 90 then you will be awarded with 0.1 EOS

As the chance or probability of the wining the decrease the inherent reward will also increase. i.e if the dice falls below 1 then you will awarded with 100x of your inital bet. (Higher the Risk, Higher the return)

Follow below step to avail the 1000 DICE token (EOS) .

  1.  Go to this link
  2.  Click login in the top right side
  3. Use the scatter to verify the identiy
  4. Accept 1000 DICE for sign up from scatter

Now use this 1000 DICE to freely bet and earn huge number of token. This DICE can also be used to earn dividend (Not yet enabled) in future. The The profit made my the platform will be distributed among the DICE holder. So even if you are not interest in gambling just hold the DICE token and earn free dividend or sell in the exchange once its gets listed

My Opinion : Gambling with EOS is of high risk. So i recommend to get yourself familer betting using the 1000 DICE which you get as a part of the airgrab. Get yourself familer then only proceed. Be Cautious it involves a high risk

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