BetDice – – are the latest addition to the gambling platform we once used to call EOS. Our cherished holy grail of blockchains to end all blockchains that promised us so much but now seems bent to continue it’s slow irrevocable descent into a casino style wild west.

I’m sure in the future we’ll look back fondly on those “glory” days and reminisce. The days when we were young, full of hope and optimism and believed that EOS would change the world. The days before we sit on our terraces, bouncing “junior” on our knees and telling him of the “good times”. The good times before our spiral of descent into re-hab for gambling addiction and how we started with 10 EOS, built it up to 10 million and then lost it all on the throw of a dice. Yes, my friends, how the “fever” grips us and maketh and taketh as surely as the tide rolls in and drags all that’s not fixed deep into it’s chest. These times are a-changing to be sure. But let me not dwell on things that might have been and will be, and cut to the chase.

So what is BetDice?

Recently launched, BetDice are giving a one-off 1,000 DICE token grab for those of you who go to their website and log in with your Scatter and “claim”. The transaction is pretty straight forward and I can vouch, it works. The tokens appear in your wallets immediately and allow you to play their game with said tokens. This is good, as the only other alternative is to play with EOS and that really really is not for the feint hearted. The game follows the usual dice roll format, where you bet on the odds of the dice roll being between 1 and 100 and potential payouts are adjusted accordingly. They provide a sliding bar which makes it so easy to change the odds of a roll that I think this should come with a health warning: never ever play this game at a Tequila party, children. It will only end in tears.

If that wasn’t addictive enough, they incorporate what I believe if the first faucet for EOS, or what they call their “Lucky Draw”. Each hour you press the “Draw” button to draw a lucky number and get the prize. These “prizes” are calculated as follows:

If this game is “proverbially fair”, as they claim, then you’ll need to press that draw button 10,000 times to “win” the jackpot of 50 EOS. To put that into context, 10,000 hours = 416.6 days (assuming you roll every hour, 24 hours a day) – so good luck with that.

In the same context, let’s say you “win” the 0.0005 EOS payout every hour. It will take you 2,000 rolls to win 1 EOS or, in normal language, 83.3 days. I think the terminology best used here is a “get rich slow” scheme. But hey, why not, it’s for free, right?

If that wan’t enough, they’re also looking to roll out a “dividend payment scheme” based on the number of DICE tokens you hold. The details of which are a bit vague at the moment but they’ll surely be updating it in the coming days. So if you have no qualms about benefiting from other people losing their kids inheritances, marriage break-ups and house repossessions from their gambling addiction, these are definitely the tokens for you.

Finally, they have a reward referral scheme where they ask you to invite your “friends” so that you can earn 30% of the “profit” generated by their bets. My thoughts here are mixed. Firstly, it’s a bit like passing a bottle of alcohol to your alcoholic mate and saying “drink this buddy” and you getting rewarded when they’re drunk. And secondly, they don’t say what happens when the debt collectors come knocking on your friends’ door and they cannot pay. But I suspect it’s a case of: if they win, you win and if they lose, you lose nothing.

Here’s my referral link (you lucky people): Now go gamble away and make me RICH 🙂

So there we have it people. Now let’s go down the pub, get hammered and then go back to my place and play BetDice and lose it all.

Awoo Awoo 🙂

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  1. marineczzxbm

    Hello David. A very good article for sure, I like the way that you have broken down the time one must spend on the platform to get the lucky draw and the humor used in your writing to highlight a very serious point (gambling addiction) . Gambling can be extremely addictive for some people and can have a devastating effect on those peoples lives. However, we must keep in mind that most of us got into block-chain because of an innate dislike of censorship and control. People should have a right to chose what they do with their tokens and yes sadly some will make the wrong choice. Freedom of choice forces most of us to understand that there are consequences for the choices we make. Choose wisely my friends as we are all big boys and girls now, mummy and daddy are not watching over every move we make 😉 Please note I am not belittling gambling addiction at all here but highlighting as adults, actions have consequences. I would “bet” that people who suffer from gambling addiction would be predisposed to other forms of addition. Should we control or ban those also? Thanks for writing 🙂 I look forward to reading more of you posts.

    1. David Cooper Post author

      Thanks for your feedback (indeed to ALL of you). I appreciate it. And if you guys like the way I write you should check back to my blog as I’m looking to update it with a new article every day. Caustic (while trying to inject a bit of humour) but always breaking down the main points in a clear, concise way. And “yes” Marineczzxbm, gambling addiction is a serious topic, I mean, just look at Marco below, the poor sod. Tell us it’s not true Marco and that it took only 5 minutes? 🙂

  2. motorman

    Nice write up, reminds me of when the internet was born. The only ones making money at that time were the porn sites, now look where we are. I guess every good thing must start off with a vice or two.

    1. David Cooper Post author

      Hi Motorman. Think XVG and the Verge team have cornered that market. Funnily enough, I live in France and verge means “penis” here. Guess it was fate and had to be. But hey, we can still see them in re-hab right?

  3. Ian Jeffreys @DNAian

    Hi David nice write up. I have been using BetDice for a few days now and they tend to update there site a lot. Now the referral rewards is 0.6% of the bets made by who you referred. Also, they got rid of the no house advantage on the DICE tokens. There was actually an advantage to the player over the house using DICE tokens and betting a roll under 96! But now DICE tokens are same odds as the EOS.