If you have been following news happening in the crypto industry today, you must have come across this in one way or the other. It was just around August last year when the first Bitcoin ATM machine was introduced. Today, we are almost reaching 5000 ATM machines around the globe, according to Coinatmradar.com. Most of these automated teller machines support the major digital currency, Bitcoin, while a handful of them supports Bitcoin Cash.

According to the Coinatmradar.com, U.S. has the highest number of Bitcoin ATM’s located in different parts of the country but the new Bitcoin tech is steadily extending its wings to some already developed European countries, Latin America and even Asia. The North American, Canada ranks 1st as it accounts for 71.7% possession of Bitcoin ATM’s totalling about 2,891 ATM stands, central America came 2nd accounting for 55.9%, having exactly 2,493 stands in that region. Other European countries make up 23.1% of the whole analysis.

I am honestly looking forward to the day a Bitcoin stand will be introduced in Nigeria, to my Indonesian friends, is there any that could be found in your country now? 😁

However, I see this progress as a call to duty for all of us, the processes we are passing through now may be too slow for us to comprehend. The Atm stuffs and the continued fluctuation in price might be something wey all feel like to jump and pass, I just wanna tell us something and I urge us to hold onto it firmly. “No good thing comes easily, so we have to endure the normal processes involved”. This is a very big news that is supposed to trigger the market by at least 10% instead much more fluctuational movement is being observed.

Thank you very much for the audience, hope to see you later on my blog, thanks.

Source: https://news.bitcoin.com/bitcoin-atms-continue-to-spread-across-the-globe/?utm_source=OneSignal Push&utm_medium=notification&utm_campaign=Push Notifications

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  1. AD

    Good article, Peter. I was offered a Bitcoin credit card at one of the Bitcoin meetings we had. Pretty cool, I thought. Ran out of time, but I think I want one, so I’ll ask more next week.:)