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Dear Trybians,

Today I have gathered my final notes and conclusions of ‘The Servant’ by James Hunter. As a leader we must never forget about the responsibility we have to make wise decisions. In order to make the best decisions, we must discipline ourselves and look into ways to control our emotions and consider the facts pertaining to our decision making.


Leaders never make excuses nor blame their shortcomings on other people/situations; leaders accept the responsibility of their actions and behaviours. Let’s look into the word responsibility further – we can break it into response and ability. Think of your current situation, we all have personal problems that constantly arise in our life. These include: career problems, relationship problems, children problems, friendship problems, you-name-it problems. These are stimuli that are coming at us through all directions. But, as humans, we all have the ability to choose our response to every individual problem. Hence we must be trained to approach each decision with the best response.

Making the Right Decisions

One way to make rational decisions in the moment it to train you mind to have discipline. Discipline is teaching ourselves to do what is not natural. When we discipline ourselves to do something that is unnatural to us, the unnatural task turns into a natural habit. Here we can see the process of which unnatural tasks can develop into new habits or skills:

  1. Unconscious and Unskilled – At this stage you are unaware of the task/skill and it is obviously unnatural for you to do
  2. Conscious and unskilled – This is the stage when you become aware of a new behaviour but the action of doing is still new in your life
  3. Conscious and skilled – At this stage you are becoming more skilled and comfortable with the new behaviour and the skill is has become almost natural to you
  4. Unconscious and skilled – At this stage you have fully developed the skill and you do not have to think about/force yourself to do it

By following the process outlined above, we can control our destiny through our thoughts:

Thoughts turn into actions, actions turn into habits, habits form our character, and our character controls our destiny

– Mahatma Gandhi

Final Thoughts

In our quest of becoming leaders, there are other important lessons that James Hunter emphasizes. The first is regarding one’s ego and pride. The more a leader breaks down his pride and ego, the more enjoyable life becomes. By enjoyable, we do not mean becoming happy in life. According to some of the greatest leaders, namely the Buddha, Christ, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, leadership through authority creates joy. This joy is defined as a form of inner satisfaction and the conviction of knowing that you are truly aligned with principles of life. By serving others you free yourself from the ego and self-absorption that hinder our ability to sense the joy of living.

Based on a sociological study that examined a hundred people over the age ninety asking them “if you were to live your life all over again, what would you do differently?” The top three answers were:

  • Risk more
  • Reflect more
  • Do more that would live on after they were gone

A quote from a Native American tribe says:

When you were born you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life in such a way that when you die the world cries and you rejoice.

That’s it for now Trybians. I hope you have enjoyed my summaries and reflections of this book. Stay tuned for more summaries and reflections of my next favorite books.



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