One of man’s deepest desires is to be at the helms of affairs that concerns other men, i.e be in a leadership position. Many men want this position for several reasons, there are those that believe they can make a change, a change that the current incumbent cannot give, so they believe they have the right skillset to lead the minority forward. There are those that want power not because of what they can offer, but because they want the feeling of being in power, they want what power brings and are not particularly interested about bringing a change in the lives of the people.

Today, we are going to look at power from the offshoot level, the basic leadership qualities we need to move our lives forward, that will earn us the respect of people around us, the respect and love of family and friends and the few acquaintances we will meet along the way. We all know the importance of good leadership in life and how it impacts our lives and those that are found around us.

Change starts from Within

Whatever we feel is wrong with the world that we hope to address must first have been addressed in our lives. Fathers that want their children to succeed in academia first must be academic successes because children eventually turn out to be like their parents, one way or the other. So, change starts from within, whatever we hope to do in the world, which is our immediate environment, which may be our families, in the office, at school or in public offices, firstly we must be glaring examples of the quality. Else we will not be original and consistent with the disposition of our duties, we will be found wanting in many areas because of the interest is not genuine, and the promises made are quite bogus.

So the change we hope to effect in the world, starts from us, and it comes in the guise of our daily habits, are we effective in our current disposition, are we disciplined enough to follow through on our promises. All these questions are important to ask that will determine how far we will go in the leadership realm. Whatever we promise to achieve in the leadership realm, must first be in practice in our individual life, that way, it won’t come to us as strange or alien.

Consistency and Transparency

In the most poorly governed countries in the world, which are developing countries, the major challenges faced by these countries is leadership, where the people in power are dishonest, and concerned about themselves only. They lie publicly, and steal public funds for the advancement of their personal needs and interest, and not of the people they govern. And that is where the problem starts from, soon it becomes generally accepted that corruption and the abuse of public office and the power that comes with it becomes a norm. So, for someone to excel in the leading others, the first thing he needs to align himself with is his values, are you a person of integrity? Or you are dishonest and motivated by greed and greed alone.

The topic of leadership is not only tied to politics, as I mentioned earlier, it starts from the most fundamental position where leadership is essential, which is the family, and on that level, if you’re the person with the most power, either the father or the mother, or in some occasion, the richest of the children, then you must know you have a responsibility to the people that look up to you. You are expected to do right by them, and that means to be as transparent as possible to them in your dealings


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  1. Zeus69

    Great article bud, well written, – reminds me of our ex president in South Africa, as corrupt as can be, he was a thief, and finally we are rid of him.
    Thanks for the share my friend.
    Mark (Zeus69)