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Starting from January 10,Over 65 million gamers worldwide users of the wildly widespread Multi-Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game League of Legends will currently earn cryptocurrency whereas taking part in the game.

Refereum , the leading blockchain reward ecosystem is currently integrated with League of Legends (LoL), permitting Refereum users and LoL players to earn cryptocurrency for in-game achievements like finishing a match and winning battles.

With this trailblazing beta, LoL’s sixty five million+ monthly users will seamlessly aboard onto and earn cryptocurrency doing what they already like to do — play and win in-game. This integration marks a foundational breakthrough for Refereum’s technology unlocking the powerful Refereum rewards platform for any game.

Refereum was supported on the concept of economical, clear and truthful reward distribution to participants for growing communities.

“Gamification is happening in general of society from activity economic science, to theory of games, neural networks and AI ( artificial intelligence),” aforesaid Dylan Jones, CEO of Refereum.

While Refereum community members have attained cryptocurrency for over a year for streaming, sharing and looking at games, the LoL platform integration marks the primary time that players earn Refereum tokens ($RFR) for actual in-game play on a non-blockchain game. To accomplish this deed the Refereum team integrated its leading rewards platform with League of Legends via the game’s public API. Per Jones, Refereum users are requesting in-game integration for a few time, leading the team to beginwith a blockbuster MOBA like League of Legends. Over time, Refereum hopes to integrate all major games onto the platform that the innumerable gamers who facilitatebuild valuable game communities are rewarded for their effort and work.

During this beta, points acquire for playing are additionally added to a Refereum user’s total. At the edge of a Season, gamers receive $RFR supported what number points they earn throughout the season. Players will then pay their $RFR in Refereum’s on-line game store or exchange their $RFR for different cryptocurrencies or USD via crypto exchanges.

Existing Refereum users who link their accounts along can earn points after they play LoL. New users will sign on for the Refereum rewards platform free on-line at

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