I am cryptosourov from Bangladesh. The founder of CryptoBD Exclusive discord server. In Bangladesh, People are not aware of cryptocurrency so much. Nowadays people are here interested to know about cryptocurrency and they want to earn cryptocurrency. But my native people are not getting enough opportunity to learn and earn cryptocurrency. So that is my main reason to open CryptoBD Exclusive discord server.


There are lots of benefits we provide without any cost. You can’t imagine that. There are lots of scams project, Scam airdrop, scam bounty nowadays. We ensure you to provide all legit project.

Get Legit Airdrop

Get Legit Bounty

Get Legit Contest

Get Legit Bitcointalk Signature Campaign

Get Steemit Help

Get Scorum Help

Get Trybe Help

Get Other Platform Help

Express Your Creativity

After Joining Our Server First You Have To Read Group rules. Then You Have to Introduce Yourself In # introduce-yourself Room. You can see all new update in #announcement Room.

There are lots of room on our server. You can see every individual room has a detail description in the top.


If you face any problem then you can feel free to ask anything in #General Chat.

You can see in left #Division And under division, there is 8 division. If you want to divisional community manager then put your experience and skill in a #request divisional community manager.


In our server, There is a #Creativity room. If u have enough talent then you can show your creativity in this room.


BTC ADD : 3PrZYq9WENFJsJiywKDtzrYqvaQTvreCnu

LTC ADD : MLepVngkcaMUAnuqzRt7Hsq5vrGKQ66zxm

ETH ADD : 0xBA2D9Aeb382FaEaFd557529af61259e1a72674FC

ETC ADD : 0xaED26BCe10679beB509dDE68B92d01b7a91b662b


Join Our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/gRaSv6R

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