Security has been one of the greatest issues confronting the Eos voting community. Difficulty levels of voting have been another factor. Cypherglass has paid for and built a voting tool that addresses these needs. Lens is the most intuitive and extremely safe voting tool.

Lens detects if the user is online and requests the user to disconnect while entering their private key. The form to enter the private key hides the alphanumeric characters behind bullets. The transaction is signed using volatile memory which will be overwritten after taking the key. The key is erased from system memory before the user goes back online to submit their vote.

Lens is truly non-intimidating. It has three steps, and a very straightforward user interface. This the easiest voting tool to use by far. It will list the Block Producers randomly or alphabetically to vote. When finished it will show the transaction Id and link to block explorer to check it out.

Security and beginner level technicality are no longer issues to voting on Eos. Cypherglass has solved these issues in theiur voting tool Lens. This is a great contribution to the Eos community.

Go to LENS here:

Visit their telegram for support and questions:

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  1. Andrey

    Hurray, I found a project that is serious about my product. At such a time and money it is not a pity to invest, so that the team develops.
    For investors, this is a great idea, for beginners to see how the working project should look like.