Gary Vaynerchuk once said:

“We’re living through the biggest culture shift of our lives, the internet has dawned the second wave of industrial revolution”.

The fascinating part is that the bell curve of innovation is running at such an accelerated speed that another great wave of innovation is taking place within the same generation, and probably for the first time ever.

At a historical scale, this is even more significant when you realize that it took centuries for people to start using tools, even more centuries to start using basic machinery… Hell, it even took hundreds of years to make the jump to electricity from candles and torches.

At now look at us, our grandparents used to go watch a movie in a big screen once a month and that was considered a luxury that not everybody could afford.

In our parents generation, everybody had a television set at home and that was already an enormous advancement from the prior generation.

Back then, there were only a handful of channels, but when that thing just came out… It seemed like the mother of all inventions.

Then came the VCR player and everyone could go to the store and pick any movie they wanted to watch, and they could enjoy it on their own time.

Today you can do that with a simple click.

Hell, you can do that from your home while chilling on your couch and eating pizza.

Most impressive of all is that not only the devices got cheaper and more accessible, but the content creation tools got cheaper and more accessible as well.

So much so that, even your next door neighbor could be filming videos and uploading them on YouTube as we speak.

But the biggest jump in innovation came with the emergence of the internet, the second wave of innovation as Gary said.

And now we’re at the dawn of the third wave, and the experiences of living through something so revolutionary as the internet are still fresh in mind.

Which means that blockchain companies have a plethora of lessons from the internet era.

Let me give you one example:

When PayPal came around, they didn’t just start handing out flyers in the street trying to attract customers, they looked for people who were already on the internet, and more importantly people who were already comfortable with making monetary transactions online.

So they did their research and got their targets from eBay.

The same goes for Airbnb for example, they found their targets on Craigslist.

Why? Because they already knew that these were the perfect audience since the they all had properties they wanted to rent out. These were the types of audience who are actually in need of the very service that Airbnb provides.

And then once you get the base audience, it’s easier to build your snowball from there.

So maybe to emulate the success of some internet giants from the early days of the internet, Blockchain entreprises should to take a page or two from their recipe book.

In the past months, there have been millions of users actively closing their Facebook accounts which makes them the ideal audience for any blockchain social website. You know that these people have been longing for a competition for a long time, you just have to present it to them.

The same opportunity occurs with YouTube as well, given the fact that content creators are being de-monetized faster than a factory worker under a soviet regime.

For any blockchain video streaming service, this is a gold mine.

Especially nowadays where you have the tools to analyze users via influence, follower count, true reach… You could even figure out exactly how much they make in donations in Patreon and factor in the “need” aspect in the equation.

This gets even more valuable if we’re talking about a platform that rewards content creators with cryptocurrency.

All you need to do is target the right people, make them happy, involve them in a mutually beneficial situation and their followers will follow.

As Malcolm Gladwell wrote in his book The Tipping Point:

“There are exceptional people out there who are capable of starting epidemics. All you have to do is find them.”

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    1. Adil Elias Post author

      It certainly is! Imagine if the accident of birth thingy had us conceived just a couple of centuries ago… We’d be travelling on horseback for days on end just to have a conversation with someone 😛

  1. Todd

    Well written! The youtube example is powerful, that is a great target market for any blockchain based social media. Those people are fed up, but have no real alternatives…..yet.

    1. Adil Elias Post author

      Thanks Todd! And yeah, you’re absolutely right, they are fed up but have no real alternative. Which means that if some competing platform step up they can have a ideal audience of first adopters that already have some experience, influence and come with their own followers on top of that.

  2. miti

    Well done. That’s most impressive. I congratulate you, because you have put things in their place succinctly, comprehensively and with substance. It goes without saying that I fully agree with you.

    1. Adil Elias Post author

      Thanks a lot Tom! I’m happy to be here 🙂 I’m sure many people would appreciate the alternative when presented to them, and here on Trybe there are a lot of aspects that can make the difference.

      One can easily feel that they’re part of something exiting with constant development and self-improvement… Plus you guys seem to care about the platform and that’s great.

      It’s a hell of an alternative if you ask me 🙂

  3. sandwichbill

    Great post. I think a lot projects in the crypto-space will go the same way as a lot of those companies did after the bubble burst, but the good, low hanging fruit will become harder and harder to reach. Social media platforms have got integrate crypto rewards into their platforms, or they’ll be left behind.

    1. Adil Elias Post author

      Yeah you’re right, I often ponder about the parallels between the companies that made it and those who didn’t in the Dot Com bubble…Back then there were many entrepreneurs who saw the potential of the internet and tried to launch business raising money but maybe they lack enough experience or failed to surround themselves with people who excelled at the skilled they lacked.. Similar things occur with the ICOs now, a big part of them are likely to fail, but sector will dominate in time anyways.

  4. Yanika

    Your posts go straight to the folder of Everypedia or I would say to Uniquepedia, hehe 🙂
    Never before heard of Gary Vaynerchuk. Will double check the youtube link posted below in one of your comments.
    Great buddy!

      1. Yanika

        I think EOS based everipedia is on the right path of becoming a big player as an information platform and even able in a long run to displace wikipedia as a major so called “free” encyclopedia.

  5. Ilia

    Adil’s deep thought! It is very correctly said and noted that development is accelerating. The process of integrating people through the blockchain, a fair reward for content creators and inventions came in return for the outdated system! It was a pleasure for me to read such an elegantly stated thought about this event, which we all call progress! A decent job! Thank you!