Hello there Trybians!

Some of you might already know me as @xtetrahedron from Steemit. I have been an active writer over there for close to 2 years now. Lately, with all the drama over on Steem I have been looking into alternative platforms to write on, that’s when Trybe showed up on my radar. Some of the people I have been following for a long time on Steem have been promoting this platform and community in their posts.

Like always when I find new fascinating platforms I like to test them out myself and get my feet wet, so this is me saying hello…
I did already publish a post once on this platform a short while ago. It was about my record label’s newest album ‘Mabon’, but inside of it, I did not mention that much about myself… So I thought it would be in its place for me to finally introduce myself properly to this community!

My name is Kim André. I was born in 1989 close to Oslo, Norway. I’m a music producer, label manager, event producer, psychonaut, environmentalist and in general a long time believer in blockchain technology.

I got involved in the crypto space back in 2011 when I first read the Bitcoin whitepaper and acquired some Bitcoins. I used to run a GPU Bitcoin mining rig at home back in 2012-2013 when it was still profitable for home mining. Ever since then I have been a true believer in the disruptive powers of these decentralized technologies!

Projects that I support and have an interest in today include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, EOS, Steem and more.

I’m also the label manager of a Norwegian psychedelic record label called Alfheimr Records.
With the label, we aim to promote all types of psychedelic electronic music.


I also produce music and dj myself!
My current projects:

KiΩhm – (Self-produced Psytrance)

Star Tetrahedron – (DJ-Project. Psytrance & Psychill )

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