As a designer and developer, I’m always interested in how startups build for their customer. In this story, I wanted to take some time and look at the state of gaming on the EOS blockchain platform. In the above video, I explore the growing market of games and look over their websites and messaging. The gaming field is starting to heat up so take a moment to check out some of these awesome titles. Game on!

Games that are ready to play on EOSIO

This is a collection of games you can play on EOSIO today.

EOS Knights

EOS Knights is a nice full featured game with desktop and mobile support for Android and iOS. You can battle opponents, upgrade your characters and trade items in a marketplace. You can even adopt pets! Official Website

Fun Panda

In Fun Panda you can play as one of four panda characters and battle through a tournament style format. There are many worlds to explore as you advance through the game. The graphics are very beautiful in this game. Official Homepage

Crypto Wizards

In this game, you start out with a basic character or purchase one from the market and start to battle to upgrade your wizards. You can upgrade the clothing and wands also at the market. The graphics look nice and the website is clear and well designed. I ran into a couple of small loading bugs when trying to use the website. Official Homepage

Monster EOS

In this game, you can start out with a basic character or purchase one from the market and start feeding, resting, waking and battling your monster to greatness. In this game, it’s consistency that counts to create a balanced and mature character. Official Homepage

Final Noob

In this game, the point is to get into a round early and have a lot of people join in after you. If someone buys a noob after you it means to earn a credit. Conversely, if you are the last one you lose the value you put in. The game goes in rounds and every one who buys a noob on that round extends the time for around 30 secs. Official Homepage


EOS Dice

In this game, you spend EOS to roll digital dice for a chance to win tokens. The house has an edge so your tokens will always slowly or quickly depart. The smart contract has an interesting twist. The user can set their odds of winning to a high or low probability but as the odds go higher it drops the payout down. This game is the most popular blockchain app of all time as of this writing. Remember gambling is addictive so if you do play understand you should only play with what you can afford to lose. Official Homepage

Deos Games

Deos games boast a zero house edge and provably fair gambling results. The games can be played with various tokens and the tokens are air dropped to players at a 1:1 ratio. Token holders will have a chance to win future prizes according to their website. Official Homepage

Cards & Tokens

This game involves trading cards that are rare collectibles. I had a hard time understanding the point of this game. I would recommend a rebrand or at least adding some introductory messaging. It looks like this is currently featuring musical artists on steemit. Official Homepage


This game platform involves connecting to switch and answering questions about the gameplay of the gamers who you follow and watch. As the users get answers correct they can earn AZA credits. Official Homepage

Games in development on EOS

Below are some of the games developers are still hard at work at bringing to life.


Prospectors is a MMO game that allows players to harvest resources, mine for gold and develop land in the game. It also features a real-time economic element that sets all the value of resources based on free market demand. Prospectors is shaping up to be an anticipated title that looks like a fun experience. Official Homepage

EOS Gems

A collectible market game based on rare gem items. We will have to wait to see more details on this title in the future. This title was built by a block producer candidate. Official Homepage


This gaming and distribution platform is sold as a total package for game developers and players to all share in more of the value of the shared ecosystem. The website claims to have a feature whereafter purchase a player could start gaming right away using new streaming gameplay technology. Official Homepage

Bit Joy

In this gaming platform, players and watchers can join forces and both sides can play together. Streaming viewers can airdrop assets and information to their favorite players. This has a Hunger Games feel to it that seems it would add an interesting dimension to the gameplay of titles such as FortNite. Official Homepage


A fun little low poly game where you jump from asteroid to asteroid and blast aliens on your way to the next checkpoint. Official Homepage

Billionaire Token

This platform allows gambling with a token that deflates in quantity or (burns tokens) as the games are being played. It looks like there will be a small collection of games available in the future. Official Homepage

My Crypto Heroes

This game is a pixel game where you can play as historical actors or build your own characters from scratch. There is also a battle feature. You can find or trade items to strengthen your character. The last feature is called territories and with it, you can acquire land that pays out value just like real property would. Official Homepage


This game is still in early development. The website could use an overhaul with more image content and a streamlined focus on what the game will be focused on. I’m excited to see what this project develops into. Official Homepage

ITAM Network

A complete gaming ecosystem with character asset items, gameplay, and trading. We will have to wait and see what other interesting concepts emerge from this ecosystem. Official Homepage

What’s your favorite?

I hope you enjoyed this gaming on EOSIO rundown. Let me know your favorite gaming project that is either able to be played today or still in development. If you don’t mind giving a review that would be great and follow me if you would like to see similar stories.

Take care and be well,


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  1. Oliver

    I expect a lot from Prospectors and I am very excited about the start. A few days ago I received the e-mail inviting me to the beta. My Crypto Heroes also looks very interesting. Thanks for the article, 5 stars (200 tokens).