Once certain thing about our lives is that it will end someday. So why not unleash your potentials and live your life in every moment?

Today, I will be talking about the phases in which every human experience in the cause of their lives and how the phases influences who we are.

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The first phase is the simulation phase: each individual was born helpless without any ability to walk, talk or do anything. We solely depends on others for survival in this phase of life. We mimic and simulate others to learn from them. As children, we learn both physical and social skills by watching from peers around us. The major goal in this phase is to get us acquainted to the norms of the society as well as becoming autonomous and self-sufficient adults. One major setback people experience in this phase is the fact that they fail to develop that autonomy by endlessly mimicking others and they try to be like them in every way. Most people out there never actually lived for themselves, they are stocked in the Delima of constant search for approval and validation from others. This goes a long way to completely eradicate the presence of independent thoughts and personal value. There is an old proverb which says “the expectations of others are the bars we use to build our own cage” what this means in a nutshell is that if you go about trying to please everyone, by giving in your all just the meet the image you think people have of you, you might end up becoming a prisoner to your own self. We must learn to develop the ability to live by ourselves and for ourselves.

Phase 2 is the self-discovery: in phase one, what we learn is how to fit in to the people around us. In phase 2, we learn about our uniqueness and how we are different from others. In this phase, we take a bold step of making decisions for ourselves. This phase involves a lot of experimentation because we are yet to discover who we truly are. This stage last until we have nearly come to grip with our limitations. The truth is: you can’t be good at everything. There’s got to be something you sucks at. It’s best to accept your limitations and focus on your potentials. Limitations are important because, this will make you to realize that you have limited time on this earth, so it’s best to spend that time doing things that matters. You can’t achieve every dream.

Phase 3 is the commitment phase: this phase is the greatest consolidation of our lives, because in this phase, you have narrowed down your strength and weakness. So it’s now time to work upon them. Whatever it is you are good at, you get it done in this phase. This phase in a nutshell is all about maximizing your potentials.

The last phase is the legacy phase: like earlier stated, life is momentary. What really matters is what people say about you when you are gone. In this phase, energy and circumstances prevents you from chasing your dreams any further

Thank you for reading and hope you’ve learnt a thing or two from this article.

Best regards @VinaAustine

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