For those who missed the EOS snapshot (like me) regret it because we missed out on some key “early adopter” benefits such as free automated airdrops.  Fret no more! We have a second chance…not with EOS, but with TELOS, who is branching off the EOS mainnet.  This is significant because they will be able to transact as fast or faster with some modifications; which will be key when more and more developers learn about the EOS/TELOS blockchains and their capabilities.  Rest assured the technologies behind these blockchains are here to lead the way as the world slowly adapts away from legacy systems.  As the public and Wall Street investors continue to pressure the Federal Trade Commission to approve Bitcoin ETFs; these efforts will undoubtedly open the flood gates for blockchain technologies such as TELOS to thrive.  As fiat money continues to weaken, the smart contracts behind crypto currencies will continue to strengthen.  There are several “blue-chip” businesses, such as: IBM and JP Morgan Chase who are trail-blazing the movement towards blockchain for obvious economical and profitable reasons too.  Banks, for example, will benefit with blockchain because the decentralized system will save them billions of dollars by removing the middle man (Federal Reserve) and the transaction fees they charge.  Other benefits, of course, include redundancy and transparency of each blockchain transaction, which will speed up loan applications, potentially eliminate fraud, reduce errors and cut down on the time and money it normally takes (with legacy systems) to research and correct these types of occurrences.  Just think…one day escrows on homes will close in hours instead of weeks.  In addition, many of the major players in this space have already found applicable use-cases with blockchain, such as: Supply-Chain tracking, Inventory tracking, and Accounting, but are challenged with scalability and transaction speeds.  With TELOS, the transaction speeds and scalability can already meet the demands of the market.  Finally, what really makes TELOS stand out is that they have no GAS fees and they understands the significance of supply and demand.  By electing to have fewer tokens flooding the market, TELOS tokens will have a much higher evaluation than EOS tokens.  So, if you’re like me, you’re jumping with urgency to join the TELOS launch which is happening very soon this month – October 2018.  To save you time, here is the starting point:  Good luck!

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