These are the simple commands to write your texts directly in Linux Terminal ( Linux command line) without even leaving it, or just leaving it for the final edits.

You will find Terminal under the System tools in the start menu. The terminal is a fast and simple program to do almost everything on Linux. In this way, you can edit multiple files from one place only, install apps on the fly, listen to music, send emails … etc.

For now, I will only show you how to use it for writing. You can install Terminator, the Terminal upgrade, split your screen and have a better overview of what are you doing.

How to install the Terminator?

Open the Terminal and write this line and then hit Enter.

sudo apt-get install terminator

After that linux will install it and you can find it somewhere in the System Tools main menu usually under the Terminal.

Now, back to the writing thing!!

Don’t mind if my screen looks a bit different than yours, I made a few modifications. I also made this while I was preparing to set my folders for the Steemit articles. It was a very useful thing and it made stuff more organized.

Basic commands are:

  • Enter – confirm a command
  • Ctrl+D – done
  • Ctrl+X – exit from nano

Writing commands are:

Make a folder called steemit.

mkdir steemit

Go there.

cd steemit

Create a file ‘write’.

touch write.txt

Take a look if the file is there.


Modify credentials so only you can read your file on that device.

chmod 600 write.txt

Take a look if creds are changed.

ls -l

Add text to your file.

cat > write.txt

Append more text to your file.

cat >> write.txt

Take a look if everything is added.

nano write.txt

This is only an example what you can do with the Terminal, you have to write it in, play with it and see how it goes for you.

This is look at nano textpad

Append more text.

cat >> write.txt

Open Ghostwriter markdown program and edit text further.

ghostwriter write.txt

Now, pc will tell you there is no such a program.

That’s why you are going to install it now.

How to install the Ghostwriter?

Write this one line at the time in Terminal.

sudo add-apt repository ppa:wereturtle/ppa

sudo apt update

sudo apt install ghostwriter

Then open your file with a simple command.

ghostwriter write.txt

Application will load with your text in it. Like you can see a ghostwriter will show you some basic mistakes and you can fix it fast.

Go to Menu and open View – Preview in HTML is the fastest way around to see what are you doing. You can also change theme, and use it in a night mode.

I will write more about the apps for Linux in my next Linux tutorial.

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