7 the world’s largest. the krypto currency was $ 52.26, green. A transaction worth $ 62 million cost only five cents on the Litecoin (LTC) network. Now Litecoin.com and you can buy Litecoin from HODL, and the liquidity of crypto money is increasing.

Making larger transactions with small fees

According to the latest model, the Litecoin network has processed one of the largest transactions ever. A transaction of US $ 62 million worth 1.159.005,9079568 Litecoin was processed at only 0.00922 Litecoin ($0.50). Litecoin is doing the following explanation on the subject.:

Although it is not clear that this value is being processed for the first time, Litecoin.com we would like to state that it is shared by and is definitely worth sharing. Litecoin and non-centralized crypto are an excellent example of a real-world world about the benefits of global payment and currency movement.

As stated in the official statement, the transaction was made by merging funds from several old addresses to a new Segwit “m” address. Apparently, the four LTC operations of 5,000 LTC generated more than 20,000 LTCs each. Although it is unknown who owns it, the process was done by the richest address on the network. However, it is also possible that a stock market will have a cold wallet that will provide better security.

With this development litecoin (LTC) gained more liquidity

On another front, Litecoin.com now the platform offers the option of buying Litecoin (LTC). The official announcement includes the following explanations on the subject::

We have offered a simple, easy and convenient way for users to buy 50 to 20,000 dollars of Litecoin in USD, GBP or EUR with a credit card in less than 5 minutes. To provide this functionality, we have established a partnership with Simplex and will deal with all arrangements and KYC/AML processes for purchases. After the necessary checks, the approval payments are usually paid to an address selected by the user within 24 hours.

In addition, Hodl Hodl, a “fund-free” P2P crypto money exchange, now enables each user to buy and sell bitcoin and Liteco for other crypto currencies. The 7th largest crypto money in the world is currently trading at $ 51.7, down by 0.87%. Litecoin manages daily trading volumes at a level of 344 million dollars with a market value of more than 3 billion dollars.

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