Two years ago, a young trucker who was unemployed receives an urgent call to move a cargo from Barcelona to Maturin. This young man was very attached to driving and loved what he did and immediately accepted, he always liked to hear the stories told by the other truckers at the stops he made, he accumulated those stories in his conscience and that allows him to know more thoroughly the myths and legends of the roads that traveled the truckers. That day he had to leave with the load at 11 o’clock at night. It was a duty that I had to fulfill. He came out animated to see what interesting stories he would find that night. After a few hours driving, he arrived at the ceiba stop, where he stopped for a moment to fill the diesel tank of the truck, drink coffee and buy supplies for the road, at that moment he saw a truck driver and started a conversation with He, in which he asks in which state the road to Maturín is found, the man tells him that the road is excellent but with 2 or 3 potholes, but he tells him to be careful with the girl who asks for a ride.

The young man in a hurry did not pay much attention to the man and quickly went to ride the truck, since he must deliver the load early. And having spent 30 minutes since leaving the ceiba’s whereabouts, in the distance he sees a woman with a purse who puts her hand to stop him, when he sees her, he stops to pick it up. He got off the truck to help with the bag, but when it’s going to open the passenger door,the woman had already climbed into the truck and the truck driver told himself how strange, when he climbs back to the truck he looks at the woman who was pretty and asks him for his name, While she responds, my name is Sapphire and I’m on my way home, she told him to continue and he did. About 500 meters away, the woman tells him, that’s where it happened, at that moment the truck driver asks him what happened in that place, she answers where I had the accident and I died. At that moment the woman disappears, the truck driver panics and loses control of the truck, the driver of the truck panics, loses control of the truck and overturn, a few meters from where she said she died, luckily the truck driver came out alive but wounded, he was rescued by a family that was coming in his car, at that moment he told them what happened and from that moment the stoppage of traveling at night, on the road of the Ceiba.

By Leonardo Blanco @tcpaikano 1 & 2

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