It is just honest review from what I had discussion with Team

Before I start, I would like to inform this Dapp is about Baccarat game on EOS. This is one of my experiences with them it made me believe it is a wonderful Dapp which should be on EOS, Maybe your idea of gambling Dapps will change if I put forward my experiences.

I was exploring for new dapps on EOS and I landed on, After learning the Dapp I played it like an hour, the feel of the game is awsome, then I reached out the team to get the details on it.

1. When did you started this Dapp and what is your Moto of launching Baccarat on EOS ?

We started this Dapp around 2 weeks back and we wanna really introduce Professional gamblers to EOS community and we thought Baccarat would be a starting game on EOS platform.

2. Why there is no contest like every other Dapp while you are having excellent game on place ?

We want to introduce contests but not like the way other Dapps are doing it, As we said our Main moto is to introduce Professional gamblers to EOS community, our target audience is not just EOS community, we are looking for world wide Gambling community where East and west meet and share there skills.

professional player Don’t like to distract, so we kept contests a side and we are investing more on improving the performance of the game. We are making good progress from week on week betting volumes as well and our bankroll is also increasing, we have reached 55k EOS in just 2 weeks.

we have more than 110+ daily player from all over the world, having 24hrs volumes more better than other Dapps.

3. Why LLG token for bets we loss EOS ?? why not for every Bet like others do ??

Yes, we would like to give LLG token to the bets who lost it. why anyone want to give any token on winning bet, we would like to give back to the players who lost there bets on, at the end it is there lost money.

4. What about Dividend model from LLG token ??

We are considering staking model, And we are looking for better options.. at present we are holding the dividends because the tokens outside is too low, the value of dividend would be too low, we are observing dividend models which are already existing. but we will definitely introduce dividends as soon as possible.

5. How many tokens available in market as of now ?

it would be between 1-2% of total supply, we got good players outside.. there is less volume in current supply 🙂

6. So it makes staking/dividend value more 🙂 ?

Yes, Definitely 🙂

7. What is the maximum betting limit on ??

Presently we have maximum limit of 500 EOS, on Player or Banker table user can make 500 EOS on a single bet, plus if players want to make a side bet, they can make upto 5500 EOS on there single bet of 500 EOS. And we are thinking of VIP rooms, if High Network Investors and gamblers interested.

Me: Wow!!! you are really looking for a professional gamblers… otherwise you won’t make it to 500 EOS limit in just 2 weeks.

How to Play Baccarat:

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