I’ll keep this to the point as simple as possible.

I’ve been in the Crypto market for a short time, 2 years to be precise. Over my lifetime regarding forms of payments, things have changed from the past…. Alot!!!

I remember when banks introduced cheque books, there was a lot of concern amongst the older generation, they were saying ” I would never accept a piece of paper with an amount written on it” its nothing, just paper! But as time went on they became conditioned and were progressively forced to use it as a form of money. This was slowly brought into the publics domain and we began using cheques without any thought of and saw this as part of the norm in everyday lives.

As time went on, around the early 1980’s we were introduced to Credit Cards. This was sold to us by the banks as a way of payment which was safe, reliable and fast with a small fee. carrying a piece of plastic on you and buying goods seemed a little odd but as time went on this was much better than carrying a cheque book around with you which was a lot larger and there was always a risk of getting the dam thing wet. Now I will bring you forward to the early 2000’s! Paypal!! this was awesome, internet shopping was becoming the way to purchase your goods, so you didn’t need a cheque book, you did’t even need your credit card because Paypal was directly linked to your bank account, how convenient…

Now! Crypto Currencies are progressively becoming more and more popular, it will only be a matter of time that you will find that these will be used as your forms of payment whether it be online or at your local shops using your mobile phone to scan a QR Code or sending it to a Crypto address.

Things are moving forward very fast.

This is technology, you can’t go back to the cheque book.

Safe, fast, logged on the Blockchain.

This is how it will be.

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