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Last March, myself and a friend went on holiday in Playa De La Arena, Los Gigantes, Puerto Santiago, Tenerife, Spain for a few days and we couldn’t help notice how many lizards were residing on this small island. These reptiles could be found in almost any rocky area that had some sort of vegetation growth around it for shelter and food.

All of these pictures were either taken in public areas such as in the verges of public foot ways and roadsides or even in the local residents gardens and rockeries.

Most of them were quite difficult to spot, as they would run off and hide before I had the chance see them, let alone trying to capture them with my camera. Luckily though, I did manage to get a hand full of shots while I was there.

This Gallotia Galloti lizard was warming itself up in the sun on the pavement just outside the Hotel Costa Los Gigantes that we were staying in. It was by far, the easiest one to photograph as it wasn’t really too bothered about us being there.


This one was photographed near a roadside collecting some heat from the sun.


This and the following three pictures were taken from the gardens that were visible from the pathway that we had used to explore a part of the island.


The Gallotia Galloti lizard is found in Southern Tenerife (central and southern Tenerife, including Teide) (Spanish: El Teide, Pico del Teide, pronounced [ˈpiko ðel ˈtei̯ðe].




This one was quite a distance away from me so it didn’t feel the need to run and hide. In fact, I think it was actually more interested in watching us.



After a short while of being on the island you get used to the lizards scurrying away when you walk along. They are often found in the tourist areas in the stone walls but are more common when you venture further out in to the quieter areas.

This was the stone wall just outside of the hotel we stayed in.

Seeing these awesome creatures roaming around freely was probably one of the big highlights of this vacation for me. It was the first time that I had ever seen these animals living in their natural habitat (so much better than seeing them in zoo’s or reptile terrariums.

Click this link to find out more about this beautiful island:

Thanks for looking and have a great day.

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