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After having described my day in Versaille vogrrei keep you involved in my memories in the marvelous Paris …

If you go to the beautiful capital of France you can not leave without visiting the mysterious museum, one of the most famous in the world: the Louvre museum ..To visit it all a person would take 2 full days .. I think I saw 15% of the whole museum in 5 hours; unfortunately the time available was counted for the days we were in Paris and so it was a visit to the sections that interested me the most and among the most famous works …

The Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci

There were so many people in the Louvre where you could be alone, but believe me that to know where the Mona Lisa was placed it was enough to follow the queue of people and find yourself in this huge room where in the center you see this small painting surrounded by windows and hundreds of cameras of people taking his picture !!

Another important section of the museum is the Egyptian civilization that with its small sphinxes, sarcophagi, weapons and mummies makes you feel as if you were in Egypt in some pyramid … spectacular


I have lots of photos but I have included the nicest ones .. Another little destination in Paris is the ancient district of Montmartre. This neighborhood has seen the lives of great and famous artists like Picasso, Van Gogh and now it’s always flowing with artists of our day ..really very very nice and it was even more beautiful to sit on who knows if not on the same chair, perhaps the one next door in the bistro where Picasso spent his evenings to drink his glass of absinthe ..


I did not miss the long red light boulevard where the Moulin Rouge is located

Mouli Rouge

And finally I can not show you the symbol of Paris created precisely by Gustav Eiffel .. built in 2 years by 18,000 pieces of metal and thousands of light bulbs that light up from 7.00 pm to 00.00, where for the first 5 minutes in these 5 hours start a game of lights that you will have the chance to see in my video.

Eiffel Tower

Video show

thank you very much for reading

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