My interpretation of love was all I had when I met you. Your definition of love is the new I’m awakened to and my unending reality.

Is it true that love is blind?

How come I can see just as much as you

Our love is never blind and we have only chosen to see the better part and throw out the garbage

See, we are particular about trading strength for strength and helping each other grow

Now I agree love is blind, blind to the flaws, blind to the weaknesses

Who said marriage is the eye opener?

Well, I bet there are exceptions, ours is an indication.

Why do I miss you even while you are still here with me?

Now I have a clue, it’s because there is so much to you that u can have all at the same time. I am in love with that you and never again will there be another you than you.

Isn’t love beautiful?

Well, with you it is both beautiful and wonderful. Wonderful because your wonders fill my life beyond yonder.

Let’s go on a ride baby

My kingdom is just as big as all it can take of you

My world is just as amazing as all you can make of it

Love is not just beautiful

Love is you

You are all the dimensions of love

Heights, depths, length, breadth

The deeper I search, the better it becomes

The more I love, the more I crave for more

Tell me it’s not true

I already love you more than myself

Did you just flip your eyes in disbelief?

Well, you can argue with your keypads.

I love her and she knows it.

Thanks for being that special angel my darling.

Original article written by me. You can find it HERE


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