When I’m traveling I love to take time to admire everything that surrounds me, and this the case of Graffiti and murals, that are synonymous of art, an artistic drawing typology available to everyone at any time and in many different places. For those who doesn’t know what graffiti are the writings and murals the drawings that you usually find on the walls and often have very bright colors. Some time ago they were not loved by many people and came from many consider it to make “dirty walls“. The people that do that kind of art are called writers, and until few years ago they were persecuted and wanted. Fortunately lately something is changing, some cities give them large spaces to this fantastic form of art expression and its creators, some of them have a huge inventive. We can admire them on walls and pylons, next to roads, sidewalks, subways and alleys. In the most unthinkable places, in the abandoned places they can be found in abundance and it is in my opinion a pity that they are hidden and not valued as they deserve. They give color to the dark and gloomy areas of our cities, they are that touch of class that is definitely missing from concrete. A really particular and fascinating world, where the authors have personalities that can be the exact opposite of those of the famous artists, they love on the contrary to hide behind symbols that in the eyes of us humans are incomprehensible, to stay anonymous. I have always found this aspect very fascinating, wanting to show at the world your own art, but at the same time doesn’t want to reveal your identity to everyone and reserve this honor only to the “insiders”. As already announced by the title, I made some shots to murales and graffiti that I found in a Skate Park in the Lugano suburbs, a pleasant surprise that left me in a good mood despite I was going back at home.

Skate Park view with Lugano’s mountains


A huge monkey murals & graffiti on the left, in the following pictures you can see both in detail 

For the Murales below I had to do 3 shots for how big it was and it was also behind a grid, so I tried to do my best to take it all


Next to the Skate Park you can find the City Football Stadium of which you can see the entry in the last picture, the name of the home team is “F.C. Lugano” which this year celebrate is 110th birthday… congratulations to have reached wonderful goal, enjoy!


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  1. Zeus69

    Thanks for sharing your travels @dexpartacus, yeah some call it defacing property others call it graffiti, i would prefer this particular drawings works of art, its amazing what can some can achieve with spray cans, etc.
    Keep them rolling buddy.
    Mark (Zeus69)

  2. Miguel A. Cabanes

    Very interesting the location of that skate park as well as the works of art in the form of graffiti that it contains; around here there is also a skate park and do not tell me why but, whenever I walk by, I notice something special.

  3. Marcel

    Very nice post 🙂 thanks for sharing! 🙂 I love graffiti and I got two pages in my blog about the street art in Berlin 🙂 I think for one I already got a feedback from you but feel free to look at the other one 🙂 it would be a pleasure :