Litecoin and Cardano were the best performing crypto currencies last week. During the summer, LTC dropped by 10.2%, island by 7.9%, Bitcoin cash by 8% and EOS by 13%. Let’s look at the important subcoins together.

Here are the major subcoins of blood in the fall market

Litecoin price fell suddenly

In the seven-day period, LTC prices have created a huge volatility and it looks like a roller-coaster ride. Prices started trading at 16:32 UTC on November 26th and dropped to $ 28.62 in a few hours.

Market value followed the same trend and fell to 100 million dollars. From this point on, Litecoin has not seen anything but a bull running for three days and has reached a peak of approximately $ 36 in the specified time frame. These prices are more or less the same, and are currently trading for $ 30.5.

Cardano is trading under $ 0.040

On the other hand, Cardano was better off than Litecoin, with an increase of 8.6% over the seven-day period. Like Litecoin, the island began trading for $ 0.0378 on November 26 and declined to $ 0.0341. Prices rose by 16.05% to $ 0.041 and prices rose to $ 0.00445.

Finally, prices fell to $ 0.3771 and are currently trading at $ 0.038 with a market value of $ 986.5 million.

EOS tried a return on the price, but the energy was extinguished at $ 3.37

Unlike the LTC or island, prices of EOS were $ 3.35 with a high rise, but prices fell into the bearish pit and reached $ 2.92. At this point, market value reached 2.65 billion dollars. Prices tried to return, but the energy was put out at $ 3.37 and prices fell from here and reached $ 2.84. At this level, it’s more or less the same.

EOS is currently trading at $ 2.55 with a market value of $ 2.3 billion.

BCH remained the same until the end of volatility that fled the market

Last month Bitcoin Cash, a highly-spoken crypto currency due to hard fork, had a strong 11.67% meltdown. BCH prices started trading at $ 214.52 and the market value reached $ 3.74 billion. With prices falling, BCH fell to $ 175,95 and remained the same for BCH until the end of volatility that ran out of the market. BCH’s current price is fixed at $ 158.

Bitcoin Cash was recently built by Stellar Lumens. As a result, Bitcoin Cash became the fifth largest crypto currency instead of the fourth largest crypto currency.

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