An act of love that fails is just as much a part of the divine life as an act of love that succeeds, for love is measured by fullness, not by reception.” – Harold Loukes

>And I will very gladly spend and be spent for your souls; though the more abundantly I love you, the less I am loved. 2 Cor. 12:15

I took out time to listen to one of the messages I preached to a group of people, I was thrilled and more importantly blessed as it gave me a kind of new strength and courage to continue living the life of true love that God has called me (and you as well) to live in.

Many times in life we could fail at an endeavour. Some of us get right back up and do try to give it our best shot yet again. Sometimes still fall short yet again and get tempted to give up, saying to ourselves there’s no use trying further. Have you ever been there? When you get to this point in trying to get something right, it’s easy to conclude that after all, we all make mistakes, we are humans and by the way, we can’t ever be perfect.

Well, it’s true we are humans and are liable to make mistakes but to retire to failure, concluding there is no use going ahead any more, is unacceptable. This is particularly unacceptable when it concerns the issue of loving people. What you do not know is that every effort of love makes an impression on someone whether they show it or not.

Many of us think that when we show love to people and it tends not to achieve the intended aim we had in mind of making them believe in/yield to true love, we have failed. We sometimes feel that if our gestures of love are not “good enough” in that they do not sufficiently inspire those we show love to to do same to others, then there’s no use continuing to love.

We conclude that we have failed or that love has failed to work because it appears not to be effecting the desired change in people. I find today’s opening quote very instructive. You see, just as the quote says, it doesn’t matter whether an act of love fails or succeeds, what matters is that you did something inspired by love.

The One who sees the heart of all men, the One who is the source of true love is pleased with you and is applauding your practice of love. So, keep moving. Draw your inspiration from the fact that God is pleased, not from the way people receive or respond to what you do in love. When true love is at work, emanating from the heart of a man, it draws the attention of God Almighty and the power of God in the favour of that individual, just the same way a lightening rod quickly draws the current from a lightening bolt into the ground.

The message is this, do not get discouraged when it seems all your love efforts or actions are not noticed or not yielding the kind of results you expect them to yield.Love is it.

Never give up on love. As Paul the apostle said in today’s opening verse to the Corinthians he was passionately loving and making sacrifices for, you also must be able to say as you walk in love. Resolve that it’s no longer about how the love you give is reciprocated. Get hooked on love as a drug addict gets hooked on crack. Allow the Spirit of love take charge of you.

Decide to love despite the feedback you receive from those you’re loving. Rise up everyday and make the decision to love as you see the breaking of dawn. Run on agape the same way a car runs on fuel. My dear one, do not forget that it is before God Almighty that we all shall stand after our lives here on earth. We won’t stand before a man but before God. Remember that God is love. We will answer to Love Himself. So, live your life with this understanding and let love be your driving force.

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