Perhaps the most frequent thing that comes to your mind is how to make mobile phones as a source of income. To build a business we must determine what business is good to build.


A good business is a business that is not always asked, but a business that is run. If you don’t have capital when opening a business, then use your knee. But if you also can’t use your knee, then borrow someone else’s knee to build a business.

In reality, whatever we have today, it turns out that it can be used as capital to build a business. A simple example is that the mobile phone you have now can make money, of course, which has an internet connection.

Every time we almost cannot escape communication needs, from waking up to sleeping again. Even to do human communication do innovations so that the process can run smoothly despite the distance and time apart.

By owning a handphone we can sell our own products or sell other people’s products. Now, in the following explanation, I will review how to make your handphone as your source of income, as follows:

1. With smartphones we usually write on several platforms that can give us income. For example, and can also write on a blog that will be paid by Google.

2. Making YouTube videos, now there are many youtubers who are creative in making videos that they upload to YouTube. If you have fulfilled the video requirements, they will be paind by YouTube themselves via Google Adsense.

3. Online shop, selling online is a very good choice to make smartphones as our daily income fields. In this case the social media is very modern role in supporting your online shopping business.


In today’s increasingly modern era, every cellphone can be ascertained to have installed social media applications such as Facebook, BBM, Twitter, Instagram, Path, Line and so on. From every function that is owned by the application, you can use it as a tool for your business.


This social media should not be missed, namely with this Facebook application, the promotional activities that you do on this application besides being easier to use as well as the delivery of information can be quickly understood.

We can promote our products in forums found on Facebook, just a small example is the forum for buying and selling used goods or also the forum for buying and selling new goods.

☆BBM (BlackBerry Masengger)

The second application that can be used on your smartphone to make money is BlackBerry Massenger or better known as BBM.

The features and functions provided on BBM are almost the same as the features provided by Whatsapp which I will explain next.

But on Blackberry Massenger there is a photo update feature as often as possible which can be used as a place to introduce products without disturbing other users as well as doing broadcas (sending messages in bulk).


Instagram is an application that must be installed on cellphone owners who like the social media world that focuses on photos. Instagram is an application that is intended to exchange photos, like photos and share with other social networks.

With this function that Instagram has, we can introduce the product in detail, because Instagram has a photo album service to collect the photos we share.

There are many more social media that can be used as a medium for marketing with the aim of generating a tburnover from the mobile phones we have. But here are some examples of applications above that can be used as evidence that the mobile phone we have can be used as a source for making money.

That’s a simple post that I made, hopefully useful for all of you.

Regards @khairulwalad

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    7 years ago I used to have a Youtube channel with 10.000 users. Had I known I could monetize it I would have kept n keeping on.
    Good article. Rated 5*****. Stop by to say hi:)